Parenting is really just a shot in the dark.

by April on September 30, 2014 · 1 comment

First Day of school 2014 (5 of 33)

My friend and I were laughing this morning about how new parents or parents-to-be tend to range from idealistic to full-blown crazy. (Lets face it, this is pretty much life.) Every day my facebook feed is filled with ideas on how to be the perfect parent or have a perfectly well-adjusted baby. There are suggestions on every single aspect of parenting (and the right option) and most new parents have taken a stance on it.

“I’ll never let my baby become dependent on me for sleep.”

“My child will not be allowed to behave that way.”

“I will never discipline my child in that way.”

“I will feed my child in THIS way, and I think anyone who chooses to do THIS is inappropriate.”

Those of us with beta parenting personalities, or simply the parent of an older child or multiple children tend to realize that life just simply doesn’t work that way. And I won’t lie, there’s a part of me that hopes that the overly braggadocio person gets a child that challenges every single philosophy that he or she have proclaimed for all of social media to read. Because the truth is, your child’s personality is as much of a determinant in their early years as it is your parenting technique.

I remember talking with the pastor that officiated our wedding almost 8 years ago, and at the time he said he wasn’t a strong proponent for premarital counseling. This was in stark contrast with the advice we were hearing, which was that premarital counseling was an essential first step for the happy Christian marriage (ha). Our pastor said that it would be better to have marital counseling, either during or after the first year, as you’re preparing for something that is merely a hypothetical situation at the time. You’re preparing for something you have no idea how to truly navigate.

It struck me today that parenting is much the same way. We encourage and even demand that new parents have an idea on how to raise their children, when you have no idea what to really expect. “What to expect when you’re expecting” is a good book, but it’s not a catchall in the world of parenting. Rarely does anyone truly have the textbook child, or they’re lying! According to my doctor, my child sleeps awesome, is sleep trained, never gets consoled at night by bottle or breast, and is by the book. Isn’t yours?

What is truth, however, is my babies are loved, get sleep, have fun personalities, and are fed on a fairly regular basis.

In retrospect, I feel guilty for projecting a lot of my fears and philosophies on others in my first pregnancy and first year of parenting. I was operating on a lot more sleep (although it felt like deprivation), and a thing called “reading everything I could find.” I’ve learned now that my parenting operates off these questions:

1. Is the child safe?
2. Is this working for the family right now?
3. Is what I’m doing going to take years of therapy to erase?

So if you’re a new parent, I’m sorry that some of us tell you “that time will tell” or “don’t listen to the books.” I know that advice sounds asinine. It’s also… kind of truth. So I’ll say this: Do the research and whatever it takes to make you feel better in your journey. Also know that we’ve also been there. We also felt clueless on how to do this thing called parenting. Most of us learned that letting our instincts take over was the best thing we’ve ever done to actually enjoy this parenting journey.

You won’t be the “crazy” person forever. (Mostly.)


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Should I stop?

by April on September 29, 2014 · 0 comments

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing into nothingness. It’s indicative of the way I currently feel in my life — average. Does anyone just wish they could see what it is they are supposed to be doing? I feel like I have no real idea of what my talents or gifts are. I sing my heart out, I write when I feel compelled, I see beautiful things that I so desperately want to capture with my camera, but I do justice to nothing.

People are quick to point out that I’m to embrace this season of motherhood (and I am!) but also that I am to have something for myself. But what is it? My whole life I’ve felt like I was on the precipice of something, but I can’t articulate it. I didn’t cease being myself when I became a mother. I still have many of the same hopes and fears, and I still carry the fear that I will live my whole life as someone unremarkable.

Satan tells me I am nothing. God tells me I am something. More than something– I am his child, full of value. But what is it I am to do?

Should I stop writing? I always thought this compulsion to put my inward thoughts on paper was a sign that writing was a talent I needed to pursue. Similarly, my love of singing and my photography. But maybe these are just interests. People always say that affirmation is a sign you’re where you’re supposed to be.

So where is that?

Am I alone?

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