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Mama’s Prayer

by April on February 21, 2015 · 0 comments

Lord, let me be a good mama. When the years have passed and I am old and frail, let my daughter and son love me. Help me to keep the cords of love strong and tight. Please, Lord, may my daughter call me just to talk. May she value my opinion even if she may choose her own, and may I remember that she is her own person and that I raised her well. May my son not forget me when he is out on his own and feels he no longer needs me. May they not consider me a meddler, but a mother. A mother who loves and cares, and is a safe haven if need be.

Oh Lord, help me to raise them well.

Please help me to teach them to love others, to work hard, and to never judge a book by it’s cover. Help me to teach them that love and compassion are the greatest gifts we can give to people. Father, please, please help me to learn to be kind and to be compassionate. Authentic. Faithful. Kind. Abundant in love. Genuine. Forgiving. I want to be these to my children. I want to be these things because I believe You are these things.

I just want to be a mama that my children remember fondly long after I’ve left this earth. Please, don’t let me be a person that they are relieved is gone.

Let my life matter on this earth.

Let me matter.

Let me matter even though there are days I feel like the invisible woman. May I be more than a housekeeper, a cook, and manager of the day to day affairs of the family. Lord, let me be a person that people are glad to see. I want to evoke a warm, inviting presence to the people who know me.

More than anything, I pray to be like Jesus. Like You. Although I fall terribly short. My temper is short, my patience wears thin, and I yell far faster than I wish. I get sloppy with my day-to-day life. I long to be Someone Important and most days I can’t see beyond my own desires. Little bursts of jealousy hit me like a dagger and feel like I will never matter beyond the walls of my home — and even then, my influence will fade as the voices of the world come in.

I will always be a work in progress.

Just please, Lord, remind me of my value, help me to show others that they are valuable, and teach me to see your value more every day. Lord, let me be a good mama. Let me be a good wife. Let me be a good daughter.

Let me be good.

Because you are good.


10 Random Updates!

by April on February 20, 2015 · 0 comments

I have so much stuff going through my mind right now, I thought I would give a little random update this morning. Warning: I have not had enough coffee, and this is also going to be so boring that probably only my mom and dad will be really interested in it (Hi Mom and Dad!). Third disclaimer, I’m a little cranky right now, due to lack of said coffee. Here’s 10 random things in our life right now!

  1. We are typically a semi co-sleeping family (as in, we don’t mind nighttime and occasional visitors but we like to begin the night alone), but after 2 months of full on co-sleeping with my children, I am beyond ready for them to have their own rooms! I mean beyond ready. I just spent all night last night being kicked, fussed at, tossed around, and I am just done. Todd has escaped to the other bedroom, where I can’t tell if he’s lucky or not because he’s sleeping on a too-short twin bed but he also gets no children. I think the kids are also ready to have their own space although they vehemently deny that right now…
  2. In relation to that, we also are near a lot of noise and a lot of light right now so I’m pretty sure I’ve lived in constant no-sleep land for the last 2 months. I’m getting punchy.
  3. If all goes well, we should be closing on our new house and beginning the move in process in the next week. *Cue Hallelujah chorus*
  4. Our new home is a NEW home, which means there are a lot of shiny new perks, but also a lot of things that will need to be done (like window treatments) right away. This means unpacking/decorating may take longer but I don’t care because it will be our own home. 
  5. Also, our family vacation is about 3 weeks away. Quiet, lakeside, fires, walks, and grandparents to love on the babies so Todd and I can have a real conversation. Whoop whoop!
  6. Speaking of a vacation… the hubs won one! He’s doing really well at work right now (I wish I could brag on him!) and just won an all-inclusive vacation for two. We’re not sure when or where, but I don’t even care! The only time we’ve ever been away from the kids for a length of time, we were either unpacking/moving or I was in a hospital. Not exactly a vacation. Apparently in place of date nights, we just have to cram all our dates in to one time. :)
  7. It is TIME to get back on track with our diet and exercise! Being in transition these last two months, we have eaten out or eaten more convenience foods than we have in a long time. We feel gross. We feel like we’ve went way off track and the wrong direction with our health. It’s so easy to do. I’m scared to say the words “fat” and “diet” in front of our kids, but I’ve talked to Bluebelle and told her that we’re going to make some changes so Mom and Dad can have more energy and be healthier.
  8. Life is expensive right now. Enough said.
  9. Dean Bean is a full-on toddler, and if you’ve ever had one, you know what that means. Everything has a routine and heaven forbid if I do something like buckle the chest clip/put on his pants/grab the wrong thing out of the fridge/close the fridge before he gets there/or a million other things in a day… I love him so much but I don’t like him half the time right now.
  10. …I just ran out of coffee in my cup. Which means I ran out of brain power. Off to make some more!

Enjoy your weekend folks! Also, I’ll share pics of Bluebelle later before her Valentine’s date with her daddy. You’ll love ‘em. Here’s a preview:

Valentine's Date (52 of 53)

Also, my son is now throwing clean diapers all over the room. I better go.

Happy Friday!


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February 19, 2015

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January 20, 2015

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