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Refresh Vox Box {Review}

by April on April 27, 2015 · 0 comments

Influenster refresh vox box (1 of 1)

If you know me, you know I love receiving mail from Influenster! This refresh Vox Box did not disappoint. I’ll admit, I didn’t get to enjoy and promote it as much as I typically would. With moving, I’ve been completely out of the internet loop. So here’s the good, bad, and the ugly over this box!

My refresh Vox Box included the following:

Listerine Pocketpaks: I’ve been using these Listerine Pocketpaks for years, so I’m well acquainted with them. I love how strong they are and how long they keep your breath fresh! I tend to use these right before I go in to a space where I will be meeting people. Having TMJ, I don’t chew gum much anymore, but these help my OCD nature to not worry about my breath! :)

DenTek Flossers: I received both the adult and the kid flossers. I’m a big fan of flossing (as we all should be!), but I think I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to flossing. This didn’t replace my preference of using a long strip of floss, but I loved carrying this around to use on the go. However, the kid flossers were awesome for my daughter! She’s five, and we’re learning how to floss. This gets her familiar with it between her teeth and they were easy to hold. She loved the bright colors and we bought some more so she can make it part of her nightly routine!

Beanitos chips: Okay — those Beanitos black bean chips are my JAM. They were delicious! Crispy and savory, they were exactly the right alternative for a traditional tortilla chip. The nacho cheese ones weren’t as good to me, as they seem softer and almost a little oily. The flavor was good, but the texture was off.

Covergirl UltraSmooth Foundation: I was pleasantly surprised by the Covergirl UltraSmooth foundation. It has a silicone applicator that felt a little strange at first, but it did smooth the hairs on my face for a very flawless look. Covergirl has changed their foundation formulas a bit, I think. They’ve come a long way since their Noxzema scented Clean foundation I used to wear in high school! This blended a lot better …and I think I’ve gotten better at wearing makeup since then!

L’Occitane Shea Butter light Comforting Cream: This. This stuff. It’s pleasantly scented and luscious. It makes me feel decadent! I absolutely LOVE this stuff. Best moisturizer I’ve ever put on my skin! While it feels moisturizing and rich, it also doesn’t make me feel oily or heavy at all.

Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bar: I got the banana oatmeal dark chocolate bar. This was tasty — actually a lot tastier than I expected! While it was very good, I’m not really a bar person. I find them to be not very satisfying — I’d rather have a half cup of plain oatmeal and a banana. I think that if you’re a person that really enjoys bars for snacks or breakfast, give it a try! It doesn’t taste artificial and isn’t too sweet.

Montagne Jeunesse Peel off masks: I love peel-off masks. They remind me of elementary school days. (Anyone else used to put school glue all over your hand so you could peel it off?) I got the Manuka Honey mask. It made my skin feel clean and soft. I like that the masks are a good price so you can pick one up at the store when you are browsing the cosmetics section! I like anything you can try for a good price!

Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake: I’ve recently started using protein shakes occasionally to replace a meal or to drink after a workout. I’ve been very excited to try this out, but with the move, I haven’t stumbled upon it. I thought Target would carry it — and now I know that it’s only at Walgreens or CVS and the few times I’ve been in one of those stores, I wasn’t thinking about looking for a protein shake. I like that it’s completely organic. Although we don’t eat 100% organic, we are constantly trying to do better in that department. It’s higher in calories than my Shakeology, but sometimes I like that option so I stay fuller for a longer period of time. I’ll come back to update this section after I get to my CVS down the road!

As always, I received these products from Influenster — which I LOVE! — but all opinions are my own. If you’re interested in trying wonderful products out and sharing your opinion, click the link above and sign up! You’ll love it. The more you participate, the more you get to try things out!



Mama’s Prayer

by April on February 21, 2015 · 0 comments

Lord, let me be a good mama. When the years have passed and I am old and frail, let my daughter and son love me. Help me to keep the cords of love strong and tight. Please, Lord, may my daughter call me just to talk. May she value my opinion even if she may choose her own, and may I remember that she is her own person and that I raised her well. May my son not forget me when he is out on his own and feels he no longer needs me. May they not consider me a meddler, but a mother. A mother who loves and cares, and is a safe haven if need be.

Oh Lord, help me to raise them well.

Please help me to teach them to love others, to work hard, and to never judge a book by it’s cover. Help me to teach them that love and compassion are the greatest gifts we can give to people. Father, please, please help me to learn to be kind and to be compassionate. Authentic. Faithful. Kind. Abundant in love. Genuine. Forgiving. I want to be these to my children. I want to be these things because I believe You are these things.

I just want to be a mama that my children remember fondly long after I’ve left this earth. Please, don’t let me be a person that they are relieved is gone.

Let my life matter on this earth.

Let me matter.

Let me matter even though there are days I feel like the invisible woman. May I be more than a housekeeper, a cook, and manager of the day to day affairs of the family. Lord, let me be a person that people are glad to see. I want to evoke a warm, inviting presence to the people who know me.

More than anything, I pray to be like Jesus. Like You. Although I fall terribly short. My temper is short, my patience wears thin, and I yell far faster than I wish. I get sloppy with my day-to-day life. I long to be Someone Important and most days I can’t see beyond my own desires. Little bursts of jealousy hit me like a dagger and feel like I will never matter beyond the walls of my home — and even then, my influence will fade as the voices of the world come in.

I will always be a work in progress.

Just please, Lord, remind me of my value, help me to show others that they are valuable, and teach me to see your value more every day. Lord, let me be a good mama. Let me be a good wife. Let me be a good daughter.

Let me be good.

Because you are good.


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