What would it be to be a farmer?
to watch the world grow
stretching and bending
to nature’s divine plan

to know that the world
is so much bigger than your tiny bit of earth
but the life that you live
is governed by what you make of it

Do you marvel over the changing of season?
watching newness of life
in every bud or sweet pale leaf
or every opening of a new eye

do you mourn when branches crack
under heavy strain of winter
when mother Earth shows her power
over every living creature

seeking solitude in the shade of a tree
older than all your days
in the heat of a summer dry and bright
taking your breath away

celebrating the harvest of miracles
of golden grains and sweet fruits
of your labor
and sacrifices unimaginable

Do you take time to appreciate
the smells of sweet grass and hay
or soil damp from rain
of the shy sun hiding behind trees
winking goodnight and I’ll miss you?

some days I would like to be a farmer
to feel like my life
is fulfilling a purpose laid
long before my birth
and long after I return to the earth

to have my days
measured in plantings and harvests
in fresh eggs and new births
in quiet sunsets on the prairie

Come, sweet harvest.

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