My new creed. Because I needed one.

My baby is just that… MY. BABY.

My baby is mine.  I prayed, wished, wanted her to be mine.  I held her tiny body and knew this was my destiny.  Mine.  I will be the one who makes the final decisions.  I will be the one who stays up each restless night.  I will be the one researching for hours on illnesses and products, techniques and support.  I will be the one who worries incessantly.  I will never stop loving, caring, or fighting for her well being.  I will succeed because I will make it my priority. I will not allow myself to be swayed by bullies or busybodies.  Because my baby is mine.

My baby is my baby.  I will not try to rush her, compare her, or try to fit her in a mold.  I will not despair when she is the last to accomplish something.  I will not try to make her older than she needs to be.  I will enjoy each stage of being a baby, toddler, child, and beyond.  I will not despair when I hear about someone else’s “super baby.”  I will recognize that being first is not always the best thing.  I will let her be uniquely her.  I will not allow people to push me to start or stop something early because they think it is best. Why? Because she is mine and she is my baby.

Belle, I will love you, cherish you, be your advocate, your teacher, your sheltering arms. I will be your mother.

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