Life in Oklahoma

I don’t know where to start.  I was simply going to share about the “Loose Caboose Festival” I went to the other day, but that seems so far away. I think I’m going to share it anyway, because it is so… Oklahoma.

I know most of my friends are from Texas and therefore think that Oklahoma pretty much sucks.  I’m aware that Texas has an overwhelming amount of pride.  I think that’s great and all, and I love Texas too, but that doesn’t mean other states aren’t great in their own way. (I hate and I mean HATE all the anti- anything other than Texas stuff, but I digress.)

I truly love Oklahoma.  At least parts of it. North and East Texas is primarily beautiful, green, and cultivated.  Oklahoma has a wildness about it.  I truly think “prairie” when I see it.  It’s country.  It’s hideous in the winter, all sharp and harsh, but there’s a rustic beauty to it.  There’s a bit more of the 4 seasons here.

So I was looking forward to Saturday and going to the Loose Caboose Festival in Purcell. Crafts, antiques, bluegrass music, turkey legs, Indian tacos, all in 80 degree weather… what’s not to love?

Downtown at the Loose Caboose

I just love festivals and fairs.  People gathered in one area, walking around, enjoying themselves.  I love the smells of turkey legs and funnel cakes, and getting things I wouldn’t normally get anywhere else. The Loose Caboose Festival was pretty small.  My brother, friend, daughter and I made it around in about 30 minutes.

While we were there I bought some beautiful hand-made jewelry and a scarf.  The girl making the scarves was so sweet.  I couldn’t help myself.  She’s learning to make hats, scarves, and friendship bracelets to make money to take care of herself. It was part of her therapy, I believe.  She picked out a bracelet for the baby (wanted Belle to have her favorite color) and told us her story, how they put her in special ed and she’s trying to get a job.  How can I NOT buy a scarf?

It was just one of those days that I love about Oklahoma.  Simple people getting together in one place to talk and shop.  We were even entertained by the Junior High cheerleaders. 🙂

We’re going to the state fair in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait.

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