Surviving Martha.

When Todd and I were married, I received a lot of beautiful gifts. Almost 5 years ago. Where did the time go? One day, I received a box at work that I assumed was for our marriage.  What’s strange is that it didn’t tell me who it was from.  It didn’t have a packing slip or a return address.  (So, if you sent it to us – thanks. I’ll get that thank you note out to you soon.)  What was in that box, you ask? It was a book. Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook, to be specific.

This thing is intense.

It weighs around 4 lbs and has over 700 pages. I’ve only opened it once. I’ll admit, I was intimidated by it.

Here’s my thought – my knowledge of housekeeping could not nearly fill 700 pages.  If I open this, will I find it extraneous? Or will I feel like I have “failed” in my housekeeping efforts up to this point?  However, I’ve been wanting to make my home more “homey,” and while I know that nothing will help me to be a better decorator (seriously, I should just pay my friends with better taste), maybe she’ll have some good ideas.

So, I’ve decided to work my way through this thing. So far, I’m 40 pages in.

Yes, my eyes have rolled. Several times. I’ve also found a good idea or two.

For example: Use tension rods to store cookie sheets and cutting boards. I think I’ll use that.

So, I think I’ll write about this. It will probably be a few tips and several eye rolls.

I will attempt to “Survive Martha,” and I don’t mean her prison stint. 😉 I also will take no stock or financial advice from her. Maybe though, I’ll figure out how to keep little fingers from destroying the whole house. (What? Nothing about that in the book? Darn.)

Wish me luck.

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3 thoughts on “Surviving Martha.

  1. Ali

    that is a good idea…weekend project! my baking pans/cookie sheet cabinet is a mess!

    1. April

      Mine too! I saw that and I was like, “hey! Genius!”

  2. textbookleftovers

    The thing with books like that is they generally cover how to clean like EVERY object you might own. And younger families like yours and mine just don’t have that stuff. Or maybe we live in a house that just doesn’t accomodate a linen closet so we don’t need to know how to organize it (although I actually DO have a linen closet and I love it), or our cabinets are too cramped to add tension rods. Whatever. LOL. I think this is a great idea, though. Should be a lot of fun. Maybe you can add “Martha Monday” to your lineup?
    And definitely don’t hold back on the eyerolls. Those are the most fun. 🙂

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