Tutorial Tuesday – Gathered Camera Strap

For my birthday, I got the present I’ve been wanting for 5 years.

Isn't it pretty?

A fancy/new camera!
(Good things come to those who wait!)

Of course, as soon as I got it I wanted a cute camera strap to make it all pretty. 🙂 Originally I was just going to cut some fabric and cover it, but then I saw this tutorial over at The Cottage Mama… and I knew I had to make it!

So, I gathered my supplies:
Fusible Fleece
Wonder Tape (I used Wonder Under. It was all I had.)

This tutorial is very clearly written.  My strap would have been perfect had I:

*Not been having a very emotional day and therefore I wasn’t paying attention and I didn’t do the step where I finished the edge.  I just ended up folding it under after it had already covered my strap and I sewed it into place on my strap.  That way, it won’t slip and if I ever want to change it, all I have to do is use my seam ripper on that thread.

I love the finished product. 🙂

 Some tips:

*When I cut my 2.75 piece fabric, it called for 2 of the same fabric. You actually do not see one of the pieces, so if you have an ugly scrap you’re trying to get rid of, make ONE of the pieces out of that. You’ll never see it and you’ll save some of the pretty stuff!

*I didn’t have Wonder Tape.  If you have Wonder Under, cut thin strips of it and use that. It’s the same thing. 🙂

*Really, if you can use the fusible fleece, do so.  It makes it nice and plush.

*Make sure you pull all your pins out before you iron. Otherwise you get a pin head that looks like this:


I really had fun with this project! I’m hoping next week to show you a tutorial for one of my favorite baby gifts (that I received)!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Heather

    I’m totally making this for my sister. Love the fabric you chose! (And I’m jealous of your camera, haha)

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