My experience with BambinOz.

Being a small town girl heavily influenced by my grandparents, I have an old-fashioned outlook on companies.  I want quality. Personal touch.  Friendly.  I want a company to have integrity. I don’t do “reviews” often.  I have never been given anything or paid to do a review, and I’m not one to do cheesy reviews in the hopes that someone will utilize me as a blogger.  However, recently I had an encounter with a company that absolutely blew me away. 

My toddler is big enough to be mobile and sit up, but she’s not at a place where she can sit still. Especially when we travel to places where they don’t have a high chair and she needs to eat.  Also, there are a lot of food places where the high chair is NASTY… way nastier than any regular chair they have.  Bluebelle is also a kid that wants to be BIG, so an adult chair is much more fun for her.  So, a few months ago, my mother-in-law bought for her the BambinOz Porta Chair.

We used it almost immediately and it was a huge success. It rolls up easily and I was able to keep it in my car. However, the next time I went to use it, the buckle tip broke! I’ve used buckles before, so I know that this is a rare occurrence, but I was mad!  These things retail for $50-$60, and I’m far too thrifty to allow anyone to spend this kind of money on a product (even one as smart as this) to break so quickly!

I read the paper that went with the chair and it said to go to to deal with any issues with it.  It also stated that it had a 24 month manufacturers warranty.  After learning about how bad Baby Trend’s customer service was (after our wheel from our jogger stroller CAME OFF WITH THE BABY IN IT), I was scared to approach BambinOz.  I emailed them on their Contact Us page, and I almost immediately got a response!

Carren was SO NICE.  I got an apology and I immediately was sent a brand new one!  I received the box today and it even had a personal note in it! How’s that for customer service?!

So, if you have a baby who is sitting up well – to a wiggly toddler… I wholeheartedly recommend this product! It’s honestly well-made and a genius product that has won a lot of great awards.  Check it out!

This is the color I got... and look how compact it rolls up!

Okay, my shameless, completely unsolicited plug is over. 🙂 I feel like BambinOz deserved a shout-out for how awesome they were!

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2 thoughts on “My experience with BambinOz.

  1. The Anxiety and Depression Chronicals

    Pretty nifty! All my kids are older…I will have to keep it in mind for baby shower gifts and grand babies someday! And I am so glad you had good customer service experience…that makes a huge difference.

    1. April

      Thanks! I hope you’re doing well!

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