Unwinding. A week(end) update.

I just got back home from a week with family.  In the spirit of my crazy family, I thought I’d give you a quick update.

Friday: Belle and I drove down to get ready to attend my cousin’s wedding.  Made bouquet. Decorated grooms cake. Entire reception had to be moved.  Bride’s cake was wrong. … and I left my whole week’s worth of clothing (including wedding clothes) at home. Our small town only has one clothing store so I was scouring Cato’s at 5 pm looking for something to throw on at the last minute. Played professional photographer for wedding.

Saturday: Went shopping for enough clothes to get me through the week. Also, my mom and my grandpa’s birthday. Also, last minute Mother’s Day shopping.  Conquered my fear of shorts. Blinded by whiteness of leg.

Sunday: Went to church with Dad and (shocker!) Mom! First time she’s been to church with me in at least 15 years.  That afternoon? Went to store to purchase sunless tanner to decrease blindness of leg.  Bought “streak free” lotion that will guarantee orangeish streaks in my near future.

Monday: No streaks. Sunless tanner is a WIN.  Grandpa and daughter has a cold.

Tuesday: Scoured Hobby Lobby and Hancocks for fabric. Raided grandma’s sewing room. Obtained mass quantities of fabric and thread.  Noticed large “dark patch” on arm where I apparently rested it on fresh sunless tanner. Dang it. Sunless tanner is a FAIL. Also, caught cold. Boo.

Wednesday: Belle’s one-year checkup (at 13 months). Checking in at a whopping 20 lbs, 4 oz.  Doctor said she’s great. Also, said she was a little advanced for her age, which will keep me happy until I panic again.  Baby got a shot and decided that she didn’t like the doctor’s anymore. Got home before storm.  Left for my “yearly” checkup that afternoon.  During exam, the electricity (severe storm) goes out. Most awkward thing. Ever. Took stairs down instead of elevator.  Braved torrential downpour to get to car.  Stupidly tried to drive to Target.  Learned that 24th Ave floods.  Scared me to death.  Thankful that the baby was with family… walked around Target until coast was clear. Lesson learned. (Also learned not to wear a dress in bad weather.)

Thursday: Loaded cranky baby into car. Worried about grandpa being sick. Tried to time Belle’s nap with the drive. Epic fail. 2 hours of screechy baby. Came home to clean house with “honey-do” list done. Bonus points. Early bedtime for the babe.  Lots of meds for Mama.  SO glad to see my husband.

I have a lot of posts in my future.  I think. 🙂

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