So, you’re about to see some changes on here.

Like what, you ask?

-new web address
-new look (if I can ever figure it out)
-a more streamlined effort
– a more grown up looking blog
-more promotions

Why, you ask?

Well, to be honest with you… because I’m tired of being a chicken. I am a mom. I like to blog. I am still me. Every time I’ve toyed with the idea of taking this blog more seriously, I have allowed my doubt and fears to lead me away from it. I was afraid that I would lose my “tone of voice” and sound superficial.  I write because I love to write. Also, though, I need to set some goals.  I have had a major goal every step of the way up until now:
Graduate HS
Go to college
Get the job I want
Get married
Have kid(s)
Be a SAHM while they’re young…

…and now I’m stuck.

So, I’m getting my hiney in gear to do some new things. Will I be successful? I don’t know. Worst case scenario is that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. Now, I’ll still be a mom and a wife. I haven’t lost if nothing happens.  I need a goal- I need to have something that I could possibly fail at.  If you’re not trying to do something that is a little hard — what are you striving for?

So, here are some of my new goals:

Get my business going (even if it remains small)
Grow my blog up, become more serious about it
Go to at least one blogger conference next year (my goal is BlogHer 12!)
… get a book deal.

Hey, I’m being honest. I want more than anything to have a published book.
(Even though I’ll probably hide it in the back of my closet somewhere because it is an abysmal mess and utterly embarrassing.  :))

So, there are my goals. I may start to “look” a little different, but I’m still the same, deep down in there.

Besides, I have about 15 friends that would call me out if I start to get pathetic or too cheesy. That’s what friends are for.

If you want, you can wish me luck. I pretend to be strong, but I’m still a big chicken. I NEED the praise.

Whew. Here’s goes nothing!

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