31 Days of No Frump – The conclusion

Well, y’all – I did it!

31 one days of trying not to look like a sea monster.

Here are my stats:  Days I spent time on myself: 30.  Days I skipped: 1. Just one! 

I am really glad I did this.  It wasn’t so that I could take a million pictures of myself (to be honest, the picture taking ended way early) or that I could buy a lot of makeup – it was that I was not taking care of myself and that needed to be remedied.  Please understand me: I don’t think a woman needs nice clothes or makeup. I know a lot of beautiful women who don’t wear an ounce of makeup and are absolutely perfect.  I still wear t-shirts almost daily.

Still, my life had slowly begun to turn into non-stop stretchy pants.

I rarely fixed my hair or wore makeup.  I didn’t even take a shower alone often, because I would combine it with munchkin’s bath time (she was in an anti-bath phase) and then I would let my hair air dry and it would never get styled. Todd would come home with his wife looking just as rough as she did the moment he left.  He never said a word about it. He’s a good man. 

The person I was hurting the most was me.

I have a confession – I am a self-imposed martyr for my family and the fault is mine.  Just yesterday, I woke up, got ready and went to church.  When Belle and I came home, Todd told me that he had discovered some evidence of mice in our kitchen. Of course, I went on a rampage – cleaning, making calls, trying to get stuff done… and it was 4 pm before I realized that I hadn’t eaten all day. By that time I was the crabbiest woman ever and I refused to stop because “no one was going to do it but me.” 

Was that HONESTLY true? Maybe a little, but not to the degree I thought it was.  Who didn’t take the time to eat a small meal? ME. Who refused to postpone folding the load of clothes for 5 minutes? ME. Did the landlord come over to see our clean house after I frantically tried to take care of it? NO.

Why am I telling you this story?  I’m telling you this story because I believe that I am doing “the right thing” by willingly sacrificing everything that takes care of me to take care of everyone else.  That is an issue of pride and it is wrong.  The world will not end if I don’t _____________ (whatever it is).

You know what will be bad? If I don’t spend enough time on myself that I remind myself that I am WORTH IT.  I don’t want to have to daily fight “the funk,” but I do.

In an airplane emergency situation, parents are instructed to put on their own oxygen mask first before they tend to their children. Why? Because a passed out parent cannot help their child. Well, you know what? If I can’t take care of myself (at least just a little bit) then I am giving my daughter a washed-out, lesser version of me and she deserves better.

Umm… this turned into a soap-box. Oops.

Well, in conclusion… I did the 31 Days of No Frump and I will continue.  I like how it makes me feel.  Thanks, Amy for inspiring me.

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