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Family Vacation 2011

I’m having a hard time writing this post because my mind is still in vacation mode. Also, what do you say to wrap up a week that was so refreshing and so needed that all you can do is allow your soul to sigh with joy?

Sigh. With joy.


On Saturday morning (one week ago) we woke up at 4:30 am to drive to Arkansas. Yes, you read that correctly. 4:30 am.  Of course, I was working on stuff until 12:30 am and I was rather groggy when we woke up.

We loaded up the car, got ready… and then Todd got a call from work.  Needless to say, we didn’t hit the road until 9 am.

About 3 pm we arrived at our hotel for the night. (Bryant, AR) It was beyond nice and ridiculously cheap for the value.  We were really blessed with the place! It was HUGE!

Sweet B really loved having the big pool to swim in! She’s a natural, if I do say so myself. 😉


We met Nonnie and Poppy in Hot Springs.  Every year we try to play putt-putt at the best miniature golf place I’ve ever seen. Yes, I come in last place every year, but who cares when you’re having fun? (Or if you’ve resigned to losing so that you don’t get all bitter.)

(I have several pictures to go here, but I’m too tired.)


We spent a quiet day at the cabin.  Bluebelle went walking with Nonnie and had the best time picking up rocks and leaves. I took a picture of a squirrel. Totally normal.

(Ditto with above. Forgot to edit a pic. Oh, well.)


DATE NIGHT!! First, we went to Garvan Woodland Gardens as a family.  I really wanted to get our fall/winter pictures here, but it was a bust.  I have one very uncooperative toddler.  She prefers to run.  I got a few great candids, though!

My two favorite people. 

I love this picture of them. 

On a side note – am I the only person who absolutely hates pictures of myself? 

That night, Todd and I went on our second date in the last year. Yes, you read that correctly.  Our last date (just the two of us) was one year ago. We just had dinner and we did a little shopping/walking around, but it was the most needed thing in the whole world.  When you have a child and you have stresses and obligations, tensions build slowly. We didn’t realize how desperately we needed to connect until it became dire. It was so refreshing.


We walked downtown Hot Springs.  We do this every year, and while we bypass the bathhouses and springs, we enjoy the walk and all the scenery.  I found the greatest little soap shop.  This lady makes all of her products herself! They are fantastic.  I ended up with some manicure scrub and I plan on ordering some more stuff soon! Check out her website!

That night, we also carved pumpkins.  This year it was Todd’s turn to pick what we carved and it was my job to carve it.  Not too bad for a person with dull knives at 11 pm! 🙂

Please, just roll with the fact that I’m looking a little rough. It was almost midnight and I had removed my makeup. Carry on now.


The drive home. 🙁  Between the cooler weather and the rain, it took forever. Okay, so it took 8 hours. That’s forever in cranky toddler years. We had to make a lot of stops — but the leaves sure were pretty!


One of our many stops on the way home. B decided she wanted to drive. 

(Look at that solemn and tired face!)

Okay – that’s enough bombarding you with pictures! I need to go to sleep.


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