Creating, crafting, and things like Pinterest

It seems to me that we have reached a period of resourcefulness and creativity in our society, or at least in my social circles. I think that this is a wonderful and much needed thing, as we have been consumers for too long.  The fact that many of us have to make something in order to obtain it and the fact that handmade things are very much “cool” right now are triggering our creative capabilities.  Chalk one thing up for this recession!

Oh, and don’t forget Pinterest.

Pinterest. The virtual clipboard of images and crafty projects that simultaneously make us feel awesome and a little awful at the same time. On one hand you think, “I can make this!” and on the other, “There’s no way I could ever be as crafty as some of these people.”  You have to pick and choose your battles.  Sometimes it makes your personal creativity a little dull and sometimes it makes you think you can do one better.

Add in the fact that it seems like “everyone” is doing it.

I can only imagine that there are some women (or perhaps men) that feel a little overwhelmed by it all, perhaps a little competitive towards others of the same creative mindset. I know I’ve felt that fleeting twinge. I’m a woman and I’m competitive.  This makes for a sometimes-emotional and moody perspective.  But this is what I think …

I don’t care.

It doesn’t really bother me that everyone else is creating and crafting.  In fact: I love it. I think that it spurs us on to be MORE creative and stretch our personal style. We were made to create.  Creation is a beautiful thing – and we are the only mammal I know that’s capable of creating to the level that we create.

I began creating because I liked it.  Then it became because I was poor.  Then it morphed into something I love with a passion. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be the best at everything under the sun, and that I feel better when I’ve finished a project.  I feel satisfaction when I know that “I’ve made that.”  I could care less if everyone made the exact same thing – because all I know is that I love the feel of the project unfolding beneath my fingers.  I love the picture taking shape beneath the lens. I love the burst of pride I feel when I say, “I’m finished.”

If you feel like you want to create – DO IT.  Don’t worry about whether it will be perfect the first time or not.  Likely, it won’t.  THAT’S OKAY.  You get better with practice.  You’ll love when your stitches turn out a little straighter the next time.  You’ll love when your frosting job looks like one of those cupcakes you buy. You’ll love when you find the perfect amount of salt for those chocolate chip cookies.

Create. Just create.  Write, sew, paint, cook… whatever it is.  Let out your inner child and enjoy being in charge of something you want to do. That’s the great thing about creating. It’s for YOU. Your boss didn’t make you do it. It’s not because you’re a “mommy” or a “daddy.”  It’s between you and your maker.  That’s why I love it so much.

Ah. Just felt like I had to write that. 🙂 Maybe you feel the same way I do.

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