The Tutorial Tuesday Fail.

Do you ever get an idea in your head and you immediately imagine how amazing it would be?

Enter the dress.

I had this idea to make a smocked toddler holiday dress.  It would look vintage and classic and she would look like a beautiful and perfect little girl. People would see it and ask me where I got it, where I would proudly proclaim, “I made it.”  Then, they would congratulate me on how beautiful and classic it looked.

So I got the fabric. I measured. I cut.  I sewed French seams.  I shirred.

… and I made a baby muumuu.

I was crushed.

Today, I tried again.  I made the entire dress during nap time, working at a feverish pace to finish the dress in time for me to blog about it for my “Tutorial Tuesday.”

It was more Little House on the Prairie than “Classic and Vintage.”

Dashed were my wild hopes of being the next great Pinterest pin.  Thrown down the baby muumuu drain.

I plan to fix the dress today – add an elastic waist – and see where it ends up. I’ll still do a tutorial on it, and I promise to show you a pic of the baby muumuu alongside it.  (I’ll give you a hint.  I’m thinking the first dress will be a SKIRT for me. That’s how big it is.)

Things fail and then you try again. 

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