Do pretty people take ugly pictures?

This is, quite possibly, the most random post ever.

Do pretty people ever take ugly pictures? 

You see, I have a few theories on things:
1. Dessert calories never count.
2. Dressing room lights are designed to make you look terrible.
3. Clothing size numbers should be ignored because they are never consistent.
4. Most people have tunnel vision with their own physical “flaws.” They see them even when no one else does.

Yesterday, I went to take pictures of the 3 of us for our 52 weeks of us photo. I got ones of Todd and Bluebelle, but when I went to have Todd take them of me — he snapped several fast candid shots. They were not so good.

You see, I can’t tell if it is because all I can see is my big nose, my pale face, the thin-set lips, and the wind whipping my hair and making it look like I’m a wolf  – or if he just took a bad picture.

Bad pictures make me terribly insecure (and vain… I’ll admit it) and I think “OMG I’m hideous. THIS IS WHY I stay behind the camera!” 

Does anyone else feel this way in front of a camera? 

I’ll be honest… I was crushed. I felt terrible. It was only because I had some friends this week compliment me that I didn’t bury myself in the covers and never come back out again.

This was last week’s picture.

This was this week’s.

I’ll admit, I deleted the worst ones yesterday, so this one wasn’t AS bad as many of the others.

Still, it got me wondering, I wonder if I ever look at attractive people and think, “whoa, that’s a bad picture.”  I don’t see their flaws. In fact, I think there’s beauty in their flaws. I just don’t bestow upon myself the same grace.

Of course, I had to turn the camera around and take a picture of myself to see if I’m that unflattering.

My husband’s picture-taking skills stress me out.

I think I need to invest in a tripod.

Does anyone else tend to see only their flaws in pictures? Hate to be in front of the camera? Think they look better NOT immortalized by pictures? 

Ah, I’m so vain. I probably think this post is about me.

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7 thoughts on “Do pretty people take ugly pictures?

  1. Mandy

    LOL! Love the last line…don’t think you’re vain I think you are normal. I hate pictures of myself too. But I’m really unhappy with the way I look right now so that could be why I hate it so much (I haven’t always hated pics of myself) but I think you are right…the people who really know and love us see us for who we are and love us despite our self hatred.

    1. Anonymous

      Exactly! I’ve never seen an unflattering picture of you — but I have to take about 30 pictures of myself before I decide it’s appropriate enough. LOL 🙂

  2. CLDIXON729

    I am the same way! I use to love to take pictures but now I look through them and am like.. OH MY GOSH IS THAT WHAT I LOOK LIKE TO EVERYONE ELSE?!

    1. Anonymous

      Exactly!! I’ve never looked at a picture of yours and thought anything but the very best thoughts. 🙂 You always look SO beautiful — and you are one of the most radiant pregnant women I have ever seen!

  3. Donna Lawson

    I am NOT photogenic. With the exception of baby pictures,I have taken 2 (yep, TWO) pictures that I can stand. I tell people that I’m copyrighted and it will cost them $50,000 to take my picture. I tell them I’m much cuter in person. Doesn’t help. Shutterbugs flash way anyway leaving a trail of pictures of some random fat woman with my family. She shows up in my pictures so often that people re beginning to think she’s me. I refuse to believe it. I’m way cuter than she is…or am I? (Yup…you’re the only one.) 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      You are SUPER cute. One of the cutest people I know! I’ll have to try the copyrighted technique!

  4. Kayla Koenig

    I like the candid shot! I’m a picture nazi. When people take pics of me I have to see them immediately and veto or approve them. When I was younger (and skinnier) I took photos of my self all the time, and let other people too. I was self conscious then but I think I’m more self conscious now. It usually takes a handful (or more) tries to get a decent picture of me. I think my face is too chubby, my teeth are too crooked, my smile is too big and my eyes are too squinty. And that’s just my face! Don’t even think about photographing the rest of me, heck no. Unfortunately most of the people in my life think the most grotesque pictures of me are “cute” or “fine” or “good”… I think they have judgement problems. I’m much more comfortable behind the camera too. (My cousin is actually doing a project for one of her classes and wants to take a picture of me, close up of my face with no makeup and my hair not fixed. She’ll be creating cyanotypes, but I’m still not sure I’m brave enough for that)

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