B’s 2nd Birthday Party!

We celebrated B’s second birthday on March 31!

For the record — I don’t think I ever want to have her birthday party that close to mine again.  It got a little confusing and a little too hectic!

Throwing parties reminds me of my event planning days – and I forget every time how many variables there are! I don’t want to think about what I will do when we start inviting people who aren’t family! Even with just the “family” numbers there, we had about 25 people.  At one point, my aunt Alma looked at my husband and said, “Look at all the people. This little girl is really loved.”

She is.

Before the party started I was running around frantically trying to get everything done.  My friend Sara drove up from Texas the night before and was in charge of decorating everything, I was trying to make the cupcakes and prep the food, and Todd was on “keep the kid from making a mess” duty.

While we were all running around, Todd smelled something that smelled like his new hair gel stuff. Guess who had it? That’s right– Belle. She was trying to wear it like a lipstick! It was ALL in her face and hair — “There’s Something About Mary” style! Bath time quickly ensued.

About an hour later, a clean but wild-haired toddler became suspiciously quiet.  Then I heard a “MmmMMMmmm!”

Yep. She had grabbed a cupcake.

Clean up time #2.

At this point, she was needing an early nap. I put her down and then the boys (Todd and Grandpa) started using the staple gun near her bedroom.  While I was in the shower, I heard her get back up. Then we had to put her back to bed. I had this pipe dream of fixing her hair with these cute curls and making her look adorable – but she slept until everyone had arrived and her hair was EVERYWHERE. (It’s everywhere all the time. She’s a wild child.) So, Sara and I threw her hair in two wild pigtails and threw a different bow in it and let her go wild.

(A couple of B’s honorary aunts! These ladies helped SO much with everything. Her “aunt” Nichole was there too, but she missed the picture somehow!)

We quickly got into present opening. She had a great time opening everything but I had absolutely NO idea who gave what.  It was a blur of paper.  Her cousin Matt helped with the process too. 🙂 I love that kid. He’s so enthusiastic! Ignore any funky faces I might make in these next few photos.

I love the above picture because: a) B LOVES Elmo and her face lit up, b) Elmo squeaks, c) Holly (the dog) now thinks it’s her new dog toy, and d) that makes me laugh.

Okay, I’m being a shameless bragger here — but I made this dress and I could NOT be more thrilled at how it turned out! This has been my greatest homemade project to date.

Then it was time to eat cake.  We went ahead and put her in grandma’s old high chair she leaves at the house, and while I have been practicing teaching B how to blow out the candles, I forgot that we have apparently taught her VERY WELL that fire is a big no-no. You’ll see her face in the next photos. HA!

After the party was winding down, I changed B into some more casual clothes (she had already coated her dress in chalk) and let her play outside. That’s all she really wants to do anyway.  Todd decided to have a late cupcake. Belle decided to steal it.


I’ll post another post about B being two, but her birthday party was a blast.  This little girl is really and truly loved. That’s the best gift she could receive. I love her.

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10 thoughts on “B’s 2nd Birthday Party!

  1. Julia

    So glad she had a good second birthday! And Happy Late Birthday to you, too!

  2. Lacie

    Love It! 🙂

  3. Megan Card

    AWWW!!! Adorable!!! I love toddler birthday parties. They are stressful beyond belief. But they really are so much fun!

    1. April McGrew

      They really are! They are so exuberant – and I don’t want to THINK about adding other kids to the mix!

  4. Abby 'Davis' Sizelove

    The dress turned out so cute!

    1. April McGrew

      Thank you! I am so proud of it!

  5. Jamie Banister

    That dress turned out AMAZING. I laughed out loud at the candle pictures. “MOM WHAT IS GOING ON.” You can just see it in her eyes. 😀
    Wish we could have been there – Belle and Missy would adore each other. 🙂

    1. April McGrew

      Thank you! I wish you could have been there too! She was TERRIFIED of the candles. Haha!

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