I don’t trust urgent care clinics.

Maybe there’s someone out there that can change my mind about the whole thing, but I can’t bring myself to like urgent care clinics.

My first experience with one was in college. I was down in Texas and I went in feeling like I was getting the flu. The doctor felt me up, told me it was all in my head and then prescribed me Vicodin. Seriously. I didn’t fill the prescription and that night I suffered through The Phantom of the Opera (the movie) running a super-high fever with my friend Erin, and a then-healthy Courtney.  Poor Courtney. She got a germ sandwich.

Guess what? It was the flu.

I avoided urgent care clinics like the plague after that.

A few weeks ago, the night of B’s birthday party, I was super tired.  Todd went to get us some late-night burgers.  I got about halfway through and I got too full.  I fell asleep pretty quickly after that.  A few minutes after midnight, I started hurting in my chest/upper stomach.  I got up, thinking it was heartburn and tried to take care of it myself.  The pain escalated to the point that I seriously considered going to the ER, but I didn’t think we had insurance.  Todd fell asleep and I spent about an hour in the shower, thinking to myself, “Well, if I’m going to die, I at least want to be clean.”

The next morning I felt fine and I attributed it to a freak heartburn experience. I asked around and talked about it to some ladies I trust and I began to suspect it was a gallbladder issue.

Wednesday morning, it started again.  This time, the pain was even more severe.  I didn’t know where I needed to go, so I called the urgent care clinic in my town and asked if I believed I was having a gallbladder attack – should I go there? Or should I go somewhere else?  She assured me that the urgent care clinic was where I needed to go.

I could barely fill out the necessary forms.

I walked in and immediately burst into tears.  The nurse on duty thought that maybe I should go to the ER. She asked the doctor about it and he thought I should stay.  A blood test and x-rays, lots of tears and vomiting, and a few minutes later, the doctor came in and said, “We are going to call it gastroenteritis. Here is an antibiotic.”  The man never touched me. He never spent more than 2 minutes in my presence.

I really don’t want to pay this bill. The least he could have done is check me for the issue I suspected.

I have several more of these attacks in the last few weeks and yesterday I went to a doctor.  I don’t have a regular doctor – I’ve never been really sick before – and my last doctor was down in Texas. I was so glad to finally have a listening ear!  She listened to me, and essentially confirmed my suspicions.

She said, “We look for the 4 “F”s with gallbladders. Female, fertile, fat and forty.”

Well, crap. I have 3 out of the 4! Ha!

I have an ultrasound today to confirm, but we think this is what the issue is. Please, if you like to pray, pray that the ultrasound shows something. If it doesn’t I have to do this nasty scan that will trigger another attack, and I’d rather eat paste.

I am not afraid of it being a gallbladder issue.  I just want to get the surgery or whatever and make it stop.  I don’t want to have one of these and Todd not be home. I’m hoping maybe it’ll let me drop a few more pounds. 😉 I just want to know what it is that’s making me feel this way.  Seriously, these attacks have been worse than labor. At least you get a baby out of that!

So, that’s what’s been going on lately.  It’s really not a big deal once the mystery’s been taken out of it, and I know it’s almost a little funny to think that I thought I was dying, but when you have a child – mortality’s not so funny anymore.

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5 thoughts on “I don’t trust urgent care clinics.

  1. kako

    I have had countless gallbladder attacks over the past I dunno, 12-14 yrs. I’ve had some really bad ones too, only once did I end up in the ER and the attack actually subsided before I was seen so I went home. I haven’t had the surgery yet because I haven’t had an attack in quite a while, and for a long time I didn’t have insurance. It seems this is becoming quite popular lately, I can’t tell you how often over the past 6 or more months I’ve seen people in my news feed talking about getting their gallbladder out. Anyway, I’ll definitely pray,

  2. Megan Card

    Oh no! Praying for you, friend.

  3. Mike

    You should visit with Victoria. She had gallbladder stuff start with Samuel. We even made an ER trip, but as you found out, there is nothing to treat it. Her’s is controlled by diet. Fatty and Fried are the main triggers.

  4. Ashley Whitaker

    I told Mike that it felt like I was a super hero and my power was to shoot pain out of my abdomen! So painful! Ended up finding gallstones during the ultrasound, had the surgery, & haven’t had any problems since. Praying for you!

  5. Julia

    I’m so sorry! I hope all is well. It will all be ok.

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