Moving on up… to the FWest side!

We have had an eventful last couple of months.

Here’s a recap:
*Loss of job
*my birthday
*B’s 2nd birthday
*LOTS of travel
*gallbladder died
*gallbladder tried to resurrect itself and kill me from the grave
*attempting to begin potty training and moving to a big girl bed

… and we got some good news!

Todd got a new job!!! Well, I mentioned about a month and a half ago that Todd got a job offer.  While we were very excited to receive such an offer from a great company, the job took a while to arrange itself for training.  In the meantime, we got an offer that is perfect for Todd and his experience!

In addition — we are moving back to Texas. Todd is the new Sales, Profitability, and Operations Coach for Burger King in the West Texas area! Yes, if you leave out “Burger” it spells S.P.O.C.K. This is not lost on us. He will need a t-shirt.

This is very bittersweet for me. Not simply because my family is here in Oklahoma, or because I love this red dirt state, but because this has been some of the sweetest moments of our marriage so far. We learned to lean on each other when we didn’t even have the money to put a roof over our heads.  We welcomed the birth of our daughter here. We have laughed together. Grown together.

The sweet: we’re moving back to TEXAS. Closer to more family. Closer to friends. Closer to Rangers games. 🙂 Tax-free groceries. No state income tax. Ha! We get to spend time creating great memories back in the Lone Star State and I am really excited about it. We lived in the North Dallas area for several years, so the area isn’t completely unfamiliar to us, but we aren’t used to the Fort Worth side of living!

The sticky: Now we need to find a place to live in the Ft. Worth area. Cost of living in the DFW area isn’t cheap, and we would like to not have to live in an apartment. We might though, so we can put more money back for buying a house. We also need to find a safe and family-friendly area!

In addition: Todd will be in Houston for 6 weeks of training for his new job! We’ve been apart before, but this will be the longest time we’ve been apart since Bluebelle was born, and it’s going to be ridiculously hard.  The good thing is, he will be able to fly home every other weekend and we are planning to drive down to spend a week with him at the end. Okay, so maybe it won’t be completely 6 weeks, but it will be tough.

One more thing: He leaves this weekend. This week will consist of frantic packing. That is all.

The whirlwind called “our life” is not over yet!

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14 thoughts on “Moving on up… to the FWest side!

  1. kako

    We need to have coffee when you’re in Houston. If you can tear yourself away from your husband 😉

    1. April McGrew

      You know it! He will be working during the week so I’ll definitely have some free time!

  2. Meagan S

    Well Texas will be very excited to have you back! I don’t know much about Ft. Worth either, but I hope you find a great place! Congrats on the new job!

    1. April McGrew

      Thank you! You’re from the Dallas area, right? I am so excited to be back to my second home!

      1. Meagan S

        I am in Dallas! We’re trying to plan a big bloggy meet-up sometime soon. I’ll keep you in the loop!

        1. April McGrew

          I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that!! I would love to meet some ladies in the area!!

  3. Amanda E

    Yay! I agree – Texas is glad to have you back!

    1. April McGrew

      Thank you!! We are happy to be back!

  4. 300poundsdown

    I remember reading about how things were up in the air and now I come back and find out not only that your husband got a great job but you’re Texas bound!! Great news! I live in Texas too. I am so happy for you!!

  5. Jamie B

    I demand pics of this SPOCK shirt.

    1. April McGrew

      I’m thinking I’m going to need your brainstorming on this one!

  6. Elated Exhaustion

    Yes, he HAD to have a shirt!
    I am so glad that things are falling into place for you!!! This has definitely been a whirlwind of a time!

    1. April McGrew

      Haha! We will make sure it happens!

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