The grouchy, the grateful, and the random.

The grouchy.

Things haven’t changed so much since last week.  We are still without Internet, although Todd upped my data limit for me so I can house hunt from distance.

I’ve been a little grouchy lately and I am having a hard time locating its source. It could be anything, really – hormones, missing Todd, my child getting to do whatever she wants, my grandmother disregarding most everything I say… and so on. I suspect it’s all of the above. Being in limbo is hard, even when you know how good it is!

It seems like my grandmother and I are at odds the whole time.  She does things that I don’t feel comfortable with – like letting B outside whenever she wants without thinking about sunscreen, bug spray, or supervision.  B is covered in bites and I don’t know what else!  It’s not like they have a place that is in the slightest bit kid-proof, and she is playing in some pretty dangerous areas! No matter WHAT I say, I can’t get it to stop.  B is also eating WAY too much junk and not enough good. Grandma gets mad when she doesn’t eat dinner… but she just fed B a bag of chips and a bunch of candy! Don’t get me started on the straws she sticks in her Diet Pepsi for B! UGH.

I will be so glad when we are back in our own house and we can regulate the sheer amount of sugar this child ingests.

It’s not like I don’t let her EVER do this stuff… it just can’t be THE NORM.

I’m also missing silence.  They have the TV blowing full blast from 7 am to 10 pm — Either the History Channel, CNN, Investigation Discovery, or the news. Occasionally HGTV. We have a routine. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I would like to either turn the TV off or choose something else every once in a while!

The grateful

I am grateful for this time with my family. I really am. Bluebelle has had a great time with family, and I have been able to be an adult a lot.  My BFF and I are working out in the evenings and cooking our way through The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook, and I have been able to run errands by myself!

Belle is so precocious right now! She asks tons of questions and wants to do everything herself.  If you ask her to say her name, she’ll say “Annabelle,” but her preferred frame of reference is still “Baby.” We’re trying to let her know that she’s a big girl now, but she’ll just say “Baby big girl!” “Baby do it!”

She’s also a prankster! She says “I gotchoo.” (I got you!) and I’ve taught her to say “I’m AWESOME!” which turns into “AWECHOME!” It really is awechome. She’s awechome. She says “excuse you” and “please” and “thank you” and she’s started reciting her prayers with me at meal times.  She loves the old 80’s Care Bears cartoons (and I’m thrilled!) and books.  Oh man, I think I read her 20+ books in a sitting!

She also is starting to recognize words!! She identifies “Annabelle,” “Mommy,” and “Daddy!” It’s not true reading, but it’s a pre-reading skill! 🙂 I bought some flash cards for her for the road.  I know. I’m a nerd, but I’m raising a nerd too.

I know I’m biased, but she’s really just the coolest kid ever.

The random

I am IN LOVE with neons. I hope this 80’s neons trend lasts for at least a year! I literally want to completely change out my entire wardrobe with neons. I might even be wearing neon orange/coral tights right now. 🙂

I am in a big reading mood right now… and I need some fun beachy-type reads! Any good things out?  Please, don’t recommend Fifty Shades of Gray. I have NO desire to read that… I just think it sounds degrading and gross.  Give me fun!

Any tips on losing 10 pounds in a fun and fairly simple way? Obviously, dieting in this household is hard, but I would like to lose a little more! Although someone told me I lost a lot of weight today — WOOHOO!

This post was a bunch of fluff — but it was MY fluff.  It feels good to write!

I miss you ALL SO MUCH. Thanks for listening to me ramble! I love you!


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2 thoughts on “The grouchy, the grateful, and the random.

  1. Ali

    I’m half way through the 2nd 50 Shades’s really poorly written and only mildly entertaining. You’re not missing anything skipping them, but a friend made me read the first and now I have to find out how it ends. They have so much sex it’s boring. Nothing very racy or exciting thus far.

  2. Heather

    I love fluff! Thanks for the update. 🙂

    You should read Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number. It’s super cute and is a perfect escape from reality.

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