Learning (again) how to shoot in Manual

Confession: I learned how to shoot in Manual… sort of.

I mean, I got a book. I read up on it. I did some online tutorials.

When it came down to actually shooting some shots of my kid I seemed to crash and burn every time! So what did I do?

I went to no-flash.

I couldn’t help it! I got so upset trying to set up the shot that I usually ended up messing the whole thing up and I missed the moment!

No ma’am.

As time went on, I started to feel really guilty for having this amazing camera and not learning how to work it the way it was designed to work but I didn’t want to miss out on more important moments! So in order to tackle Manual mode I did what every smart person does — I asked someone smarter than me!

I emailed the super nice and great photographer Sarah Halstead and asked her to kindly provide a tutorial on shooting children in Manual mode. 🙂 She quickly shot me an email with all the necessary tips (and I’m really hoping she shares a full tutorial soon!) and answered all the questions I had. That evening I switched to M and I am so happy with the results!



Swimming with her grandma while she is visiting us!

Daddy is teaching her how to shoot water with her hands.

I couldn’t be prouder of this kid — and I can’t thank Sarah enough for her help!

I’m linking this wordless{ish} Wednesday up with The Paper MamaJenni From the BlogAnd Then, She {Snapped}, Sarah Halstead (the NapTimeMomTog), and Project Alicia!

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14 thoughts on “Learning (again) how to shoot in Manual

  1. Miranda Smith

    Glad to know i am not the only one that doesn’t know how!!!I can not shot in manual either!!! I have tried and tried but like you don’t want to miss the moments! Could you share her tutorial if she post one or send me the email please?

    1. April McGrew

      Miranda, I sure will! Also check out clickinmoms.com and paperheartcamera.blogspot.com. They help a LOT! I’ll send you an email soon!

  2. debbie

    Great pics. Way to go April!!!

  3. Charlotte

    Lovely photos! I am trying to learn!

    1. April McGrew

      Thank you! Have you checked out clickinmoms.com or paperheartcamera.blogspot.com? They have great tutorials to help get started!

  4. Ashley Taylor

    Awesome shots! I use manual, but I also take about 20 pictures to get one or two good ones. Or at least that’s how I started. Now it’s like 10 to delete for one good one. 😉

    1. April McGrew

      Thanks, Ashley! I still take a LOT of pictures. I think I uploaded 175 pictures and ended up with about 40. Ha! 🙂 I am learning too to allow myself to crop and edit to make a good photo better. I’m frugal even with photos – I don’t want to waste anything! I know, I’m so weird.

  5. Gina Kleinworth

    Great pool shots!!!!!!! What fun! Congrats on going to M. I know it can take some practice but eventually it will all be second nature & your won’t think twice about it. Once I made the switch I never went back.

    1. April McGrew

      Thank you so much! I’m determined to keep it on Manual from now on. I can’t get better if I keep switching back!

  6. Christina Lee

    wonderful post and pictures!

    1. April McGrew

      THANK YOU! Also, thank YOU so much for all your help with learning resources! I couldn’t have begun this without your invaluable help!

  7. MalloryMusing

    Like you- I’m a little iffy in manual. Sometimes I do really well and then other times I completely blow it and that sends me back into auto or P mode. These shots turned out fantastic though.

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