24 Day Challenge: Days 6-10

This post won’t be as involved as the first one, simply because it is the same routine as the first 5 days.  This post, I’ll share with you the supplements and daily meals involved with the Herbal Cleanse. (Days 1-10 on the 24 Day Challenge)

Advocare Supplements: 

Herbal Cleanse package: includes fiber drink, probiotics, and herbal cleanse vitamins  (for entire cleanse)
Omega Plex 

Optional: Catalyst and Meal Replacement Shakes (some don’t recommend any shakes during the cleanse phase, but we’ve used them as needed and it has been fantastic!)


Fruit (High fiber fruits like apples, berries, and pears will help you yield better results!)
Veggies (Again, avoid sugary/starchy veggies like white potatoes and corn.)
Lean proteins (eggs, fish, lean beef, white meat poultry)
Complex carbs (oatmeal, whole grains, brown rice)

It’s been pretty easy. We have eaten well without spending a ton of money. We haven’t really eaten out and we already eat a lot of these foods. We didn’t buy our normal snacks so we may have saved a little at the store.

A typical day: (Days 1-3, days will vary some depending on supplement day)

Wake up: take Catalyst and Spark
15 minutes later: Drink fiber drink, immediately follow with 8 oz water
30 minutes later:  Breakfast (either meal replacement shake or fruit)

Snack: fruit

Lunch: lean protein and veggies. Usually a salad for me. My favorite salad: mixed greens, half an apple, walnuts, avocado, chicken breast strips (I buy precooked), and just a dab of vinaigrette dressing. (Take Omega Plex!)

Snack: nuts, fruit, or veggies. I usually grab a handful of almonds and a bunch of grapes or an apple.

Dinner: lean protein and veggies. We like to add a complex carb like wild rice or sweet potato. (Take Omega Plex!)

Snack: fruit

Bedtime: Take herbal cleanse vitamins

That’s my typical day. Todd’s varies slightly with his personal appetite and lack of love for fruit. 🙂

I’m on day 10 today, and I’m done with the cleanse portion. 🙂 All I need to do is finish eating the cleanse foods for the day and take my Omega Plex supplements. I weighed myself yesterday and it said I was down 7 pounds! I have a goal of a final 5 lbs and then I will feel satisfied.  I’ll probably supply the numbers at the end of the challenge.

Right now, I have two reasons for wanting to lose the weight.  First and most importantly, I want to feel better. I want to look a little better in clothes and feel better about myself overall. Too often, how I feel dictates how I perceive myself.  This doesn’t make me a better wife and mother. Not at all.  Days I feel bad about myself, I am more likely to sit around and do nothing. This makes me feel even worse.  When Todd comes home and says nice things about me, I don’t believe him. Why? Because I’ve told myself all day the opposite.

Out of the women on Todd’s side of the family, I am the largest. It’s hard being a larger woman in a sea of little ones.  I can’t change my body shape, but I at least want to feel better about myself so I can embrace where I am.

My second reason for losing a few extra pounds is this: If I get to my goal weight, I will be roughly 20 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with B. I got pregnant the first time at a weird place.  I had just gotten off a medicine for anxiety and depression that had made me a LOT heavier than when I started. I had lost about 10-15 pounds of that weight when I got pregnant.  Then, I gained about 50 lbs during my first pregnancy. Holy cow, Batman. While I lost all that pregnancy weight PLUS 10 lbs ( thanks to breastfeeding and nature!), I want to be in a better place than that the second time!

I’m doing this for me and it feels good. 


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2 thoughts on “24 Day Challenge: Days 6-10

  1. Sarah Halstead

    YAY!! Way to go!! That is so awesome! I keep saying I need to do something and keep putting it off.

    1. April McGrew

      I’m the same way! Honestly, I don’t know if I could have stuck with it if my husband wasn’t so willing to do the same thing. It really helps to have the accountability!

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