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I was reading my Google Reader and I saw a post by Not Super…Just Mom (who is hilarious and nice and will talk to you on Twitter) showing a fun link party going on. I can’t help but participate!  The linky party started over at Veronica Armstrong‘s site — check it out. You’ll like it.

How to play: You link back to a picture or a post from one year ago today and show where you are now. Fun, right?

Here is my post from one year ago today: Pregnancy and Planning for #2

What has changed?

  • We are living in a cute but miniscule-y tiny house.  We have graduated to small apartment, thank you. 🙂
  • We want one kid in diapers at a time. Potty training! Woop! 
  • We want to be able to keep me at home with the kiddos. Still possible! 
  • I want to be in a little better shape. (Yes, round is a shape… but not exactly the shape I’m aiming for.)  Between the crazy gallbladder weight loss and the 24 Day Challenge I am currently doing – I’m on my way! 
  • I LIKE being able to drink large amounts of caffeine, have my body all to myself, and be able to do adult things without worrying about an infant at home.  Bluebelle never took a bottle, so I couldn’t be away from her. I still love coffee and doing adult things, but I am ready to do it again. I think. 
I remember a year ago, watching many of my friends either have a second child or pregnant with one, I felt a little on the fence and also a little relieved that it wasn’t happening to me.
I didn’t expect to still be unable to make that announcement this late into 2012, but I am okay with it.  We will grow in our own time. I know it. I feel a peace about the whole situation and that’s what’s important, right?
I am happy to be closer to where I want to be — one year ago, I was most definitely not ready!  So far, I’ve kept my first one alive! That’s a good sign! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “One year ago today

  1. Veronica

    Love this and thanks so much for sharing. Gorgeous blog you have : ) and PLEASE keep that attitude. I had two 14 months apart and it has been…insane. Do it in your family’s time and no one else’s. I drank coffee while pregnant. Was totally cool. Kids are fine. Youngest asks for coffee here and there but she’s super smart. I think it was the coffee. Hope to see you around next week too

    1. April McGrew

      Thank you! I don’t plan to give up coffee entirely, it’s too delicious. I plan to stop by from here on out! 🙂

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