Potty Training!


1. I promise you that I will not post pictures of my kid’s naked booty or her sitting on a toilet. Ever.
I’m sure you don’t really want to see it, and there could be weirdos out there (not you!).

2. I promise not to get too graphic.

3. I also promise to not post about this a million times.

Still want to keep reading? Here we go!

I promised myself that I wouldn’t really post about potty training with B.  One, because there’s enough stuff on this blog to mortify her for life, and also I know from before I was a parent or before she was training — it’s weird when people talk so much about pee and poop. It’s weird writing the words pee and poop. Pee. Poop.

It’s out of my system now, I promise.

Ha. Out of my system!

I’m just doing my duty as a parent. Duty. DOOTY. DOOOOOOOty.*

(Terrible puns over. I promise. For now.)

I have heard so many stories about potty training, ranging from the terrific to the terrible.  I think I had built it up in my mind that it was going to be this huge and horrible undertaking that would leave me pulling my hair out and hating the fact that I ever took a diaper off of her. There are 3 things about her right now that we have wanted to tackle: sleeping through the night in her own bed, potty training, and breaking her attachment to the pacifier. She is sleeping in her bed again (it just took getting used to the new place) and now we are on training!

Thanks to my friend Chelsea and her amazing heart/approach with parenting, I have really learned the importance of following my instincts over the desire to please everyone else and trying to stay within societal opinions.

We didn’t make a huge plan to potty train. She finally started showing signs of readiness. I had noticed that she was wetting her diaper less, she had a friend who spent a day with her and she was potty trained (that helped a LOT!), and we spent several weeks talking about the potty and giving her time to adjust to the fact that we will begin training soon.

On the day we started, I simply asked her what she wanted to do. “Do you want to wear panties or a diaper?”  At first, she wanted a diaper. I let her. I bought her My Little Pony and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse panties and once she saw them, she wanted to wear them instead.  The first day, she would have accidents and then realize she was wet, but she was starting to figure it out.

Then she got sick. So, we went back to diapers for a week. (We traveled to see family so I postponed.)

Thursday we started again. This time, it happened almost instantaneously!

So far, we’re doing well! She’s holding it out in public and letting me know when she needs to go! We haven’t been able to do #2 yet, because the time she did it, I had JUST put her in a Pull-Up for a nap. Darn.

I’m not stressing out about it, and I have been lucky that this has been a fairly uneventful process! I think the key was letting her be ready to do it on her own. She’s almost 2 1/2, which seems like forever with those mamas that trained their kids way before 2, but it was a good time for our family. I don’t mind a few more months changing diapers if the potty training process can be easier! Also, keep in mind that we have been constantly on the move! It just made sense being at a place that was more stable!

Do you have any tips on helping a child figure out #2? What about night time? Do you focus on that now or do you just allow that to develop naturally? 

*Please know what popular 90’s TV show I’m quoting! I’ll give you one more hint: “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?” Bonus points if you know!

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4 thoughts on “Potty Training!

  1. Heather

    Duh, Friends. 🙂

    And yay for easy potty training! I seriously believe that if you just go by your kid’s cues/readiness, it really doesn’t have to be a big deal. And just think about all the money you’re about to save 🙂

    1. April McGrew

      Oh man, I am so ready for that! No more buying diapers! YAY!

  2. Julia Hembree

    Joey making fun of Chandler on FRIENDS!!! And now I love you even more because FRIENDS is like my all time favorite show probably ever.
    As for the potty training stuff yay for you!!! I totally felt the same way; I was kind of terrified to potty train because I was afraid it would be this disastrous thing. But it was actually really easy!
    I did most of what you are doing, waiting for him to show readiness, and letting him pick out his own big boy underwear. We also did a reward system; we used M&Ms if he went. We did a lot of positive reinforcement and made it no big deal if it didn’t work out.
    Once he mastered number one, he just figured out number two on his own and then we made a HUGE deal about it and how proud we were.
    So all in all, potty training is not a big thing if you wait until they are ready. Sounds like you are doing a great job, Mama!

    1. April McGrew

      Yes!! Mine too!! We’re still working on #2. I think she’s a little shy about it! It’s really not so big of a deal — I like this relaxed version way better!

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