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Hey yall! My name is Amanda and I blog over at Princess of the Panhandle; Confessions of a Cowboys Wife. I blog about life in general, but I write a lot about life on the ranch with my Cowboy and my little Cowgirl Daughter.

Today I thought I’d write something that might appeal to April’s readers a little better so I am going to share my couponing at Target for baby item tips that I have recently learned.

First, I love Target. I mean LOVE Target. I snapped these at Target a few weeks ago.

I originally went to get Hylands Teething Gel because we had misplaced ours and right now that is a must have in our home. I had this Target coupon for $1 off they sent me in the mail and they were on sale for $4 a box, originally they’re like $5+ when I got there it was the bonus pack with a bottle of 40 teething tablets included for $4 on sale, then I had the coupon for $1 off = $3 for what I would’ve paid around $12 combined. So watch and look in your Sunday paper for their ads.


I had a ton of Pampers coupons saved up from them sending them to me, friends sending them if they don’t use Pampers, or Target sending to me. This box of Swaddlers was marked down to $27 and was originally $39.99 then I had the Tagret coupon for $1 off and the $4 off from Pampers they sent me in the mail, so I saved $5 total which ended up being $22 for a $39.99 box of diapers. You can use one target coupon and one store coupon for the same item in the same transaction.

Again another Pampers box I got for a friend’s baby shower. Original value was $34.99 and I paid $22 so didn’t do as great, but still you can combine both coupons and save extra.

Pampers 72 count wipes, great for the diaper bag or to leave around the house like one stays on our bed post at all times because I thought I had to have a changing pad, I haven’t used that thing once. Not once. Anyway, these were $2.57 at Target and marked down to $2 then I had a combined $1.50 off between the Target coupon and coupon I got from the Sunday paper and paid .50 cents for the pack of wipies.

This is another perk of using Pampers Gifts To Grow Program and saving up my points. I donate them to March of Dimes, but Pampers sends me tons of coupons in the mail now. This was for a free box of wipes from Pampers. You can take it anywhere and use it, so I just used it while at Target.

You can go on and look for their weekly sales and also can print coupons. Its so easy! You can look the coupons up by area of the store they’re in. They also usually have great deals on candy, sodas, makeup, and over the counter medications.

I always try to go through their coupons online every other Saturday or Sunday and compare with coupons I have in my binder so I can save extra money. i also don’t buy things I don’t need.

OH AND.. sign up for a account and they’ll send you mega coupons to your email (I set up a seperate email for coupons and spam type webstites) and they also send me a 20% off coupon quite often to use on anything in the store.

What stores do you shop at frequently? Any particular store you’d like me to post about for you? Let me know and I’ll try to do it in the next few weeks.

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