Fall festivities: ETBU homecoming and Pumpkin Patch


Pause here with me while I take a deep breath.


I’m actually not officially back to normal yet, although few people would qualify me as normal anyway! I still have to head out of town for several days to help family and do a few things. I love having the flexibility to go and do, but sometimes I feel far busier than I ever did before I became a “stay at home” mom! It’s more like, “I don’t have a job but I’m constantly moving or traveling” mom.

Our family is entering a season of busyness, news, and stuff.  It’s hard for me to not share every minute detail with you.  I’m positive I’ll get to share a lot of it, eventually, but we are trying to be patient and allow things to work to God’s glory.

In the meantime, I can share with you what we have been doing lately!  We have been BUSY.  Visiting our Alma Mater for homecoming, vacation, pumpkin patch fun, Halloween festivities, celebrating our anniversary, and we still have more Halloween trick-or-treating to come!

Today, I’m going to photobomb you with ETBU homecoming and pumpkin patch photos!  I only have about a million.

Todd and I met at ETBU. We haven’t been on campus since we graduated. It is a small university, but I had the best memories from there. We made wonderful friends, and the professors knew you by name.  I mean, the president of the university gave us a wedding present! That’s pretty neat.

I will admit though, the homecoming was kind of a bust. The entire campus was shut down, and they could have made a ton of money on us alums if the bookstore and cafe was open. It really was a bad business move.  We enjoyed seeing each other for a few minutes, but we were expecting more of a celebration for a centennial!  We probably won’t go again for a long time.

Basically, we went to the parade, watched our kids play with each other, and went home.

After naptime that afternoon, we decided to go to a pumpkin patch!

It was attached to one of my favorite pottery stores in Longview, Ellis Pottery.  It was beautiful!

We ran around, picked pumpkins, and played in the warm October air until we were tired.

I never realized how many different kinds of pumpkins there are!

We had a great time! As far as the ETBU homecoming goes… we will make plans next time to just catch up with old friends.

I have so many more pictures to share, but I thought you’d enjoy NOT being overwhelmed. You’re welcome.

Have a wonderful day!

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2 thoughts on “Fall festivities: ETBU homecoming and Pumpkin Patch

  1. Amanda Haney

    I’m glad you had a great trip! Your Daughter is SO cute! I didn’t know all the different types of pumpkins until last year when I went to my first one.

    1. April McGrew

      Thank you!! It’s amazing! I thought there were only really 2 kinds! Funny what I know!

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