Vacation Photobomb!

The first year we took B on vacation with us, I took roughly 500 pictures.

Last year, about the same. (I was trying to get family photos.)

This year? 200.

I know. I’m slacking.

It was because of a few reasons: One, I accidentally deleted about 80+ photos of our vacation. I am still completely sick with myself. I had a PERFECT Christmas card photo of B, but because I am irresponsible and I didn’t turn off the camera, I somehow hit the exact combo of buttons to delete them all.


We also didn’t go to Garvan Woodland Gardens this year. I like to go every year because that’s when we get intentional family pics. Because we didn’t do it, I didn’t stop to think that we should all get together for a picture!  This vacation also seemed really short. Todd missed a couple of days due to a conference, and the weather was cold so we just enjoyed each other rather than doing a lot of different things like we usually do.

This year we:
*fed ducks
*read books
*watched Raccoons
*played on swings
*picked rocks
*took a boat tour (it was cold)
*went downtown
*went  Trick or Treating at the campsite
*played around

That was really about it. It was wonderful! The only pics I’m not going to show you in this thread is the trick or treating photos. I’m going to combine them with Halloween photos from tonight and share them with you later.

Ready for the photobomb?

Ducks!! COME BACK!!

Why should ducks have all the fun? These Cheerios are delicious!

This is not THE cabin we stayed in, but this is what they look like. They are amazing.

“Nonnie and Poppa let me take off my shoes and play in rocks. I luff them.”

“SWING!!! My old friend.”

Raccoons!! I may have taken this quick shot and then ran back inside. I’m chicken.
I’m obviously not A chicken, otherwise they would have jumped on me and scavenged me.
Raccoons are cute but deadly, you know.

Ice cold boat tour! We were the only ones that were dumb brave enough to do it.  Everyone else bailed.

It was actually quite beautiful.  I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It was just super cold on the open water.

Downtown time!

Playing at our favorite downtown eating stop: BubbaLu’s. Seriously the best hot dogs and fries ever.

This is what we did most of the time. We just hung out. It was fantastic.

… we goofed off.

Of course, we couldn’t miss out on coloring ALL THE THINGS.

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* I watermark all my photos. If you’re family and/or you want one of these non-watermarked, contact me and remind me to send them to you. I also hate the idea of words being over such lovely faces, but some people just aren’t cool. If you want to know more why I find it so important, please visit thisthis, or this article for more information. 

and  then, she {snapped}

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  1. Julia Hembree

    Love it! Glad you had such a good time!

    1. April McGrew

      Thank you so much! I’m ready to get back home and to normal though! 🙂

  2. Jill Schrader

    Sometimes the hanging out vacations are the best ones. Looks like this one was definitely one of those!

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