McGrowing: Week 15

So I missed two weeks… oops! 🙂 But guess what? SECOND TRIMESTER!!

McGrowing: Week 15

Baby is: About the size of an apple
Can sense light, although eyelids are still fused shut
Forming taste buds

Symptoms: Heartburn and occasional nausea

Cravings: Basic carbs. Pasta. Bread. It’s kind of scary.

Aversions: sugar, tortilla chips, eggs, milk, BACON, chicken, strong smells

Drinking: VODKA. Just kidding. It’s water and unsweet decaf iced tea.

Clothes: I moved to maternity pants after Christmas. The pants just weren’t buttoning anymore. I’m showing RIDICULOUSLY faster this go-round. My shirts are flexible, most are still regular (like the one in the pics). 

Baby’s heartbeat: 150 – Taken December 20

Boy or Girl?:  Umm… we’ve gotten a gender from the doctor but you won’t hear anything about it until our anatomy ultrasound on Feb. 14. I don’t want to tell anyone until we know for sure!

What I miss: Nothing this week.

What I’m looking forward to:  The BIG ultrasound on Valentine’s Day! Seeing my baby. Breastfeeding.

My brother is AMAZING and got my favorite trainer to make some prenatal DVD’s for me so I’ve been doing prenatal yoga every day to every other day. It feels so good.

I’m feeling more movement already! Just little flutters every once in a while, but it feels so weird to feel them so early this time.

I’m on my way for my monthly checkup. Say a little prayer in hopes I didn’t gain a ton of weight, okay? I haven’t replaced the battery in my scale so I haven’t been able to weigh myself. With the holidays and the carbs I’m a little nervous.

Here’s to the second trimester!

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10 thoughts on “McGrowing: Week 15

  1. Becky

    You look great! Can’t wait to hear what you are having yipppeeeee!!!!

    1. April McGrew

      Thanks! I can’t wait to confirm so I can share for sure!

  2. Jill Schrader

    Woohoo to second trimester! Glad to hear the nausea is getting better!

    1. April McGrew

      Thank you! I’m happy too. Nausea is YUCK.

  3. Amanda E

    Looking good!!

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