McGrowing: Week 19

This was my first week trying to take pictures myself with my remote! (Work in progress!)

My favorite one this week. My hair was looking good!

Work it girl! A little “in motion,” a little bit Miss ETBU. (College pageant days. You had to be there.)

Show me surprised! Give me your best Derek Zoolander! (Or maybe I actually accidentally set the timer and there was nothing I could do so I jumped out and acted like a nut at the last possible second. Which if you know me well… this is nothing new.) 

What what? PICTURES!

I recognize that I am not a naturally skinny girl. I also recognize that I look as far along as some of my friends who are 15 weeks ahead of me. As I get bigger, I may very well get a little sadder about that fact.  So, if you’re a friend who also struggles with her weight, know you’re not alone. It’s okay. I promise you’re beautiful even if your body doesn’t look the way YOU want it to. Pregnancy is a good thing, and the weight will come back off (if you want to work for it).

Pregnancy is tricky that way. 9 months of emphasizing the parts of your body you try so hard to hide.

Okay, on to the update!

McGrowing: Week 19

Baby is: EXPLODING! Well, sensory development is. 🙂 He/she is about the size of an heirloom tomato and weighs about 8 1/2 ounces. (And it seems cruel that you weigh 10 pounds heavier at this point for less than a pound of baby! ha!)
He/she is also forming the vernix caseosa. This is basically a waxy skin protectant for the remainder of the pregnancy. You know how you come out all wrinkled after a long bath? (Long bath? What’s that?) Well, this stuff keeps baby plump. We don’t want pickled bebeh, you know.

Symptoms: Hormones. (What?) This has been a trying week.

Cravings: Food. This is a dangerous thing.

Aversions: Emotional little girls who don’t listen to their mama. (Okay, I’m sensing a theme here.)  Really though, I’m not really disliking anything right now, I’m pretty much back to normal although I’m still lactose intolerant. I wish I was still sugar intolerant! HA!

Drinking: Water, coffee, green smoothies (spinach, frozen mixed fruit, and juice), juice.

Clothes:  Tank tops and cardigans. I think that I wear this pink cardigan every week. So, umm, if you’re looking for something to give me for my birthday next month… (hint, hint… cardigans…)

Baby’s heartbeat: 144 bpm as of this morning!

Boy or Girl?:  Umm… we’ve gotten a gender from the doctor but you won’t hear anything about it until our anatomy ultrasound on Feb. 14. I don’t want to tell anyone until we know for sure!

What I miss: My back not hurting! By the end of the day I am miserable. Laying in bed is even worse.

What I’m looking forward to: Valentine’s Day! More baby movements. Going to the Just Between Friends‘ sale next month and stocking up on baby goodies (pink or blue)!! (By the way… look for a giveaway soon!)

With the exception of my back, I’m feeling pretty good. I am coping a little bit with my hormones. Take my emotions and combine it with the current stage I’m in with my child and add long stretches of time where I am the only person dealing with the problem, well, it’s a recipe for disaster. I think the hardest part is dealing with it while I’m physically hurting. That really cuts down on the patience quotient! So… if you’re a praying type, that’s something I wouldn’t mind you adding to your list.

Have a wonderful week!

Halfway mark next week! Whoop whoop!!

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  1. Megan Card

    You, my dear, are absolutely precious! I love these pictures!!!

  2. Amanda E

    Looking good momma!

  3. Lacie

    Cute pics April! I want you to take some for me next time you come to grandmas! And my back is also killing me!! And yes bed makes it worse :/

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