McGrowing: Week 33

Mother's Day 2013 (35 of 43)

McGrowing: Week 33

WHAT WHAT?! A REAL PICTURE! Todd took these yesterday of me (and Annabelle) on Mother’s Day. This was my first day to wear a maxi and I felt pretty beautiful… until I saw the photos. Then I felt like a huge whale, so I didn’t look at the photo until this morning. I still feel like I’m nothing but one big fat pregnant woman, but I at least found a few photos that weren’t so devastating.  HA!

This is going to sound silly, but 33 seems SO MUCH CLOSER to the due date than 32! I saw that I was 33 weeks this week and I thought, “whoa. This baby is coming.”

Baby is: A PINEAPPLE! Now we’re getting into “big” category. He’s weighing a little over 4 pounds and is past the 17 inch mark. This is about the size Todd was when he was born! His bones are hardening, so I’ll be sure I’ll be feeling more painful kicks as the weeks go by!

Symptoms: Heartburn — 2 Zantac 150’s a day plus Tums. Posterior pelvic pain. Insomnia. A big belly.  Pregnant arms…and legs… and face. ha! I’ve been having some Braxton Hicks contractions… I think? I didn’t have any with Belle, but I’ve been noticing that the top of my stomach will get tingly-tight for a moment at random times. Those are Braxton Hicks, right? Thanks in advance, internet doctors. 🙂

Cravings: None right now. My tummy actually won’t take much food right now, which I’m hoping is a good sign for my weight… although I’m not holding my breath! I’ve been wanting some ice cream a lot lately. At least, after any meal, I want just a little bite of something sweet. 🙂

Aversions: Milk makes me ill. Bacon. Strong smells.

Drinking: Water, coffee, tea … although I’ve been driving to my mom’s house to get a cup of strong coffee. My grandparents drink brown heartburn water. If I’m going to get heartburn, I want that cup of Joe to be worth EVERY SIP.

Clothes: Maternity– although even my maternity stuff is starting to get tight! Nothing’s going to fit soon!

Baby’s heartbeat: He was in the 150’s on 4/18. Next appointment – May 23!

Gender: It’s a boy!

What I miss: I’m ready to sleep again, which is hilarious to me since that won’t be for at least another year! LOL. It’s really cruel how you get pregnancy insomnia at the end when you are about to be sleep-deprived with a newborn all over again.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting in our new house and preparing his nursery! Seeing him in real life. Baby showers — one this weekend! I’m super excited because this will be my last trip to Texas before the baby is born! I’m sure the doctor won’t want me traveling after 36 weeks just like the last time.

These next few weeks are pretty exciting ones — baby showers, house closing, moving, and getting ready for the baby! Hopefully everything will be a smooth transition and we can get ready before little man gets here!

Mother's Day 2013 (32 of 43)

I feel like she’s really starting to look like me! Mother's Day 2013 (29 of 43)

The goober that made me a mother. I love her. Silly faces and all.

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