McGrowing: 40 weeks!

McGrowing: 40 weeks!

I’ll add a pic in a bit — let me get all dressed up first! Hopefully, I’ll get some “real” pics (not with my cell phone) on Wednesday so I can have some real photos of the end days. 🙂

“Official” due date? … PASSED. 

Baby is: According to Babycenter, about the size of a small pumpkin. The average baby weighs about 7 1/2 lbs. Bluebelle weighed almost exactly that — she was 7 lbs 5 oz at 41 weeks. The doc is estimating that little man is at about 8 or so lbs right now, but let’s be honest — it’s just an estimate. We won’t know until he gets here.

You know what’s SUPER annoying? How Babycenter likes to take your little timeline to “Newborn” the moment you hit 40 weeks. I said no such thing, Babycenter. You’re being cruel. 

Fascinating fact: Did you know that babies are born with about 300 bones? You and I, however, have about 206 bones. That means in the next 4 or so years, a baby’s bones/cartilage will fuse and they essentially “lose” about 94 bones! They also don’t have knee caps. Not until somewhere between 2-6 years of age.

Symptoms: A belly. I feel very much like I have the last few weeks. I can still paint my toenails (it’s not a piece of cake, but I painted them a couple of days ago), I still do all my stuff around the house, and besides needing a lot of naps yesterday, I feel normal. I have had some heartburn still, but it’s minor compared to earlier in the pregnancy. Sleep stinks, but that’s also normal for this stage. I mean, I’m not having anything other than normal late-pregnancy discomfort, so why sit around and whine about that?

I will tell you, that after my doctor’s appointment last Thursday, I got really mad at my Braxton Hicks. Stupid, stupid contractions.

Cravings: Crushed ice. Water.

Aversions: Eggs.

Drinking: Water. Lots of water.

Clothes: It’s official. Bust out the muumuu. (Okay, so I don’t have one.) Almost ALL of my maternity clothes are running tight. I’m living in yoga pants, dresses, and the few tanks that cover my belly. If you see me looking like a hot mess these next few weeks… just roll with it. — YEP. Still the same. Nothing fits. I look like I have the ugliest beer gut ever.

Clothes are awful. The end.

Baby’s heartbeat: 140 bpm on 6/13. Next appointment July 3.

Gender: It’s a boy!

What I miss: All the things on this list.

What I’m looking forward to: Having this baby!

Progress Update: From the beginning, I have talked to my doctors about the desire to have a successful VBAC instead of scheduling a repeat Caesarian. I researched the risks and discussed them with both of my OB’s. I have been lucky to have extremely supportive providers and I am in the best hospital in the state to have a VBAC. I know I can do it.

That said, my body needs to be doing certain things in order to ensure success. I am already considered higher risk because of my previous C/S, and I’ve really needed to have things go in the right direction this entire pregnancy. So far, many things have went well… but not all. The truth is, I am pretty certain I am one of those women that will probably carry all my babies to 42+ weeks. The problem is that due to my history, I can’t allow that to happen unless I home birth and have a midwife willing to wait it out with me.

I never thought that a VBAC would be so stressful, but it is. I told Todd yesterday that the options of childbirth was easier the first time around. This time, I have a choice, and both carry risks. Those risks increase due to other factors. The pressure of making a decision based on what I want and running the risk of causing harm to little man is a lot more difficult here at the end.

So the long story short is that I will have another doctor’s appointment this Wednesday, and there’s a chance we will be meeting our baby boy at the end of this week. Whether that’s via a VBAC or a repeat Caesarian is up in the air.

I’m just remembering this:

~I am not broken.
~God knows this time and this plan for me better than I will ever know.

~I am not in control of others’ thoughts or opinions, and it is not my job to change them. 
~”People pleasing” is not a fruit of the spirit. 
~Ultimately, this is my personal story, and it is for a reason. 
~The ultimate outcome is for a healthy baby and healthy mama. 

I am praying for God’s will to be done and I’ll know more soon. Eek. I can’t believe I will probably be a mama to TWO kids this week!

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