Influenster’s TLC VoxBox: a review

I’ll begin by being completely honest (as I always am) and say that this was not the easiest VoxBox I’ve ever received, but not because of the products! I just happen to be busy enough in my life right now that it’s hard to sit down and properly review anything, so I guess the fact that this box was all about TLC is pretty much perfect.

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I received this the day before we left for vacation and I was thrilled to get it in time! Immediately the tissues, Avon Anew, Ivory, and the Neosporin went directly in my bag! (The Breyers coupon went in my wallet.)

Here’s a rundown of my thoughts on the products:

Ivory: I’ve always liked Ivory soap but we don’t use it as a rule in my house because Todd is allergic to Tide and Ivory soaps. I loved this packaging. I wish all of our products were retro. 🙂 I remember loving the fact that Ivory floats in the tub — and now my daughter loves that fact! I’m not actually a big fan of the smell of Ivory, but I feel clean after using it and it’s gentle on my skin. 7/10 (minuses being my family’s sensitivity to it and the smell)

Neosporin to Go: I could buy stock in this stuff. Now with two inquisitive munchkins roaming my domain, we find lots of uses for this spray. The latest time was when my daughter scraped her foot when we were out on our morning walks. At 4, she’s very aware that things can hurt and nursing a preschool patient means a lot of squirming and fear of things hurting. The Neosporin is easy to take with us and she loves that she doesn’t feel stinging! This stuff gets a 10/10 for me.

Puffs Plus Lotion: I’m already a HUGE Puffs user in my family. My favorite is the Puffs Ultra, because you don’t always want lotion, but any of the Puffs products are already on my favorites list. This little package is perfect for my diaper bag and any runny noses or teary eyes I need to treat! 10/10

Avon Anew Reversalist: This was something I was super excited to try. I love beauty products and this one promises to erase the look of wrinkles? SIGN ME UP! I honestly don’t have a lot of wrinkles, except around my eyes and this didn’t do anything for them. However, it felt super soft and I DID see improvement around my mouth though! I used it for our family photos and I felt great with it on! I think it would be great for someone with tiny wrinkles, but for me personally, I give it a 7/10.

Family pic

Courtesy of Neely Pedersen

That’s the wrinkle cream in action!

Breyers Gelato Indulgences: I can tell you this one is so good I PAID for it! I put this in my cart, and forgot to use my coupon! I picked the Raspberry Cheesecake flavor as I love all things raspberry! I’m a big gelato fan, and I’m a big Breyers fan. Breyers is almost ALWAYS my go-to ice cream when I purchase it, simply because they use real, simple ingredients and I think it tastes better! I also love knowing that I’m putting better treats in my family’s body when we have them! The only thing about this gelato is that it has a slightly different texture than most other gelatos I’ve eaten. It’s almost, gelous? It’s delicious, though, and maybe it’s only that flavor. Since I still have my free coupon I get to pick another! One request to Breyers, though: Tiramisu and a Pistachio flavor! PLEASE. 🙂 9/10

Shell Gas Card: Honestly, I haven’t used it. We don’t really have a lot of Shell stations in our area and I typically purchase gas at my neighborhood Homeland because I can get around .20-.30 off a gallon because I buy groceries there. So I can’t really rate this. Sorry!

All in all, it was a fun box to get and I loved reviewing the products! Thanks, Influenster for picking products busy moms like me use on a regular basis and reinforcing the brands we love! I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can test and review full-size products, leave me a message with your email and I will send you an invite! (I think you get in faster that way!)

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