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Bluebelle and Dean Bean – an update in pictures.

A perk to this apartment we are living in is that it has fantastic lighting in the afternoons. Now, it gets SUPER hot on warm days, so I wouldn’t like this place in the summer, but I had a lot of fun last Friday taking a few pics of the kids! Bluebelle was willing and SO much fun to photograph this time. I hope this is a sign that we’ve turned a corner and she’ll allow me to take pics again. Dean Bean (formerly Squishy, still Little Man) is now not as cooperative. Of course.

I’ve decided to share a few pics and give you, my family and friends, a little update on both of them!

NCH 2015 (1 of 25)

Dean Bean

18 months old. Already.

Little man, you’re my little cuddlebug. You love me and want me with you just about non-stop. I don’t mind most of the time. You love to imitate your sister, dance, growl, climb, unroll the toilet paper, get in any unlatched cabinets, open and close doors, and figure out everything. You have an obsession with any phones or iPads you can grab. You love trains, balls, and things with wheels.

You say mama, dada, sissy, gramma, papa, thank you, cat, dog, hot dog (for Mickey Mouse), cookie, all done, bye bye and a few other words I can’t think of right now. You imitate the sounds of words really well. You understand just about everything we tell you and your comprehension is scary good. You love singing into your sister’s microphone. You love to make people laugh.

I can’t imagine our little family without you.

NCH 2015 (3 of 25)

I love your personality.

NCH 2015 (6 of 25)

You’re my special little man, and I love our bond.

NCH 2015 (8 of 25)


What do I say about you, child of my heart?

I love you so much. You’re almost 5, in just a few months, and I wish with all my heart I could stop time. You’re so smart and funny. You spend 95% of your day talking or trying to make us laugh.

NCH 2015 (10 of 25)

I have a hard time with the knowledge that I’m going to have to share you soon.

You are very talented. You love to color, draw, and you love the arts. The other night, you wanted to fall asleep watching “le nozze de figaro,” and we did. You have a remarkable understanding of the emotions behind the music, even though it was an Italian opera.  Speaking of emotions, you have them in spades. I love your tender heart. Please never lose your compassionate nature.

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You’re still obsessed with Frozen. You love Hello Kitty, dolls, Legos, princesses, books, and anything that’s a puzzle. You’re so good with your letters, sounds, and writing words. You’re as social as they come.

NCH 2015 (17 of 25)

You have your daddy’s fun entertaining personality with my need to be precise (well, you get that from both of us). You’re the best big sister I know. You take care of Dean Bean and protect him on every playground. You think of others.

NCH 2015 (24 of 25)

I love you and your beautiful blue eyes.

NCH 2015 (22 of 25)

Both of you are my delight. I’m so thankful I get to be your mom.

Well, I hope you like this little update! As you can tell, I’m a pretty proud mama. They and their daddy make this life worthwhile and they make me want to be a better person. I hope everyday I’m a person that points them in the right direction.

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