The house was a mistake.

This was a post I wrote in late January, but I didn’t want to hit publish until after we had closed on the house. I forgot all about it! It is such a cool story to me though, reminding me that things work out in ways we can’t always see. Now we’ve been in the house for almost 2 months and we feel more at home every day.


I’m not a “signs” person in a day-to-day way as a general rule, but I do tend to lean heavily on my inner feelings when dealing with big issues. This is probably because these are things that I often spend a lot of time thinking or praying over when I encounter them, and I don’t do that all the time.

This last relocation has been a big issue.

I’ve spent a lot of time praying, worrying, working through, and seeking God’s will in this process. If I never said it before, I didn’t want to move from Oklahoma. I loved our home, I loved feeling rooted, and I thought it was going to be a longer stay than 18 months. I really did. Having Bluebelle in school was the hardest part. Although I don’t regret it for a single moment, it broke my heart to tear her away from her routine, friends, and teachers. It still stabs me in the gut if I think about it.

Throughout the time we were moving from our house in OK, there were moments of meltdown but also moments of peace. The night we listed our house with a realtor, my heart was broken. I hated feeling as though our house was torn apart and scrutinized. I’m glad that he looked at the house like a product but I also felt like he had no care that it was our home. That night, I sobbed.

The next day when we showed our home to my friend’s mother, I felt peace. Todd thought she didn’t love it. He was convinced she had no interest in the house, but I sincerely felt like this was exactly where we needed to be. Not just because financially it was the necessary choice for us, but because I felt like this was the way I was supposed to let go of something so dear to my heart. It was the best choice on paper as well as emotionally.

In the coming weeks, things fell together in a way I can’t describe as anything other than the Lord. It wasn’t perfect or the easiest, but every single thing was just enough for us. Things that shouldn’t have happened, did.

This house hunting situation has been the same way. At first, we chose my husband’s friend’s mother at be our realtor. We loved having her, but things worked out to where she wasn’t able to be available for us in our crunch time. We were left searching frantically for a new person, and I couldn’t get this name out of my head. She was a mom of a kid in my children’s ministry and I remembered her becoming a realtor after I had moved. I kept feeling like she was the person I was supposed to call, so I finally acted on the urge that I had been feeling for almost a month. She led us to her buyer’s agent, and we met a guy who understood exactly where we are as a family.

There’s no way I would have met this realtor on my own. I emailed him the list of the exact houses I had looked at online, researched eligibility, and thought would work for us and he set out to schedule them.

On a Saturday in January, about 2 weeks before our deadline, we found the house. We had walked into several homes, lost a ton of prospects before we ever got to glance, and we had even tried to buy a home that fell through. There were a few homes on our hunt that were quite nice and definitely prospects, but this last home just slapped me across the face.

It felt like home the moment I walked in. 

Every single thing about the house felt like the one we were supposed to own. It’s not perfect. It didn’t have some things on our list. Still, everything in my heart gave me the exact same peace I had felt at crucial times throughout the process. I could see our kids running between the bedrooms. I could see my garden in the back yard. I fell in love with the neighborhood, the cul-de-sac, the library at the end of our block and the park right beside it. I loved the thought of walking there every day with the kids.

Here’s the absolutely crazy part: I never put this house down on my list of houses to see. Not at all.

I had added a house that I wasn’t particularly crazy about one street south of this home, because it was in our price range.  We had looked at so many houses that day that it didn’t register to me at the time that the house we were looking at was a new construction house. We weren’t interested in new construction because we weren’t in a position to wait for a home to open up. We also didn’t want to worry about things like window treatments and the such. I would have never ever picked this house to view.

So we just happened to view this brand new home, in our range, in an idyllic neighborhood, two weeks from total completion, and completely fall in love with it.

Could you look at the chain of events (if I were to describe them fully) and just say that everything just randomly worked out in a good way? Sure. As a person of faith, however, I would say that the details in this process has been God’s hand. I have received an inner peace at times when I didn’t feel them at other times. There has been a still small voice when I needed it most.


I had stumbled upon this picture from and it spoke directly to me at that time. Sometimes we just have to step back and release our attempts to control everything. Especially when it’s hard.

Sometimes we have to just step back and allow our mistakes to work out in a way we could never have orchestrated otherwise.

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