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Rollin’ Down the Bayou

I’m enjoying a quiet morning to myself while my family sleeps in. We’re on day 3 of our vacation, and so far we have eaten gumbo, po’ boys, fried crawfish, crawfish au gratin, broiled crawfish, étouffée, crawfish and meat pies, oysters, alligator, and pretty much the entire state of Louisiana. We may swing by Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans on our drive out of here because obviously we haven’t eaten enough. 

There’s a charm to southern Louisiana that I never expected to love. Sure, the mosquitoes are Jurassic Park-sized, and um, alligators, but the people are friendly and obliging. The accents are charming. Everything is so… swampy, but in a gorgeous way.

Louisiana Bayou (8 of 9) Louisiana Bayou (4 of 9)

We’re visiting my cousin and his beautiful wife for the weekend as we travel east for some fun in the sun. Clayton and Angel have been the epitome of hospitality and their beds have pretty much ruined me for life. (Y’all, Tempur-pedic is where it’s AT.) They’ve spoiled the kids outrageously and didn’t even blink an eye as they terrorized their house.

Okay, the kids have been pretty stinking good.

On Saturday, they took us on a swamp tour in the bayou. I think. The guide told us the difference but I was so focused on my kids not falling out the boat or getting their fingers chopped off that I was a little unfocused.

Louisiana Bayou (3 of 9)

See those fingers? It’s a miracle they’re still on there.

We saw turtles, wood ducks, great blue herons, red headed woodpeckers, water chickens, alligators, and other animals I can’t remember. It was gorgeous.

Louisiana Bayou (9 of 9) Louisiana Bayou (6 of 9) Louisiana Bayou (7 of 9)


The kids also were treated to a “let’s go to Toys R Us and you can pick out whatever you want” trip. I told you, outrageously and lovingly spoiled. We also learned that when Bluebelle tells us that she wants us to buy fireworks, she doesn’t mean sparklers and kid-appropriate little things. She means, “Hey, let’s buy a show that will rival the professional ones at the Texas Rangers’ Ballpark.” (Being close to the fireworks are apparently quite traumatic.)

I’m just saying, she should be glad I didn’t buy any firecrackers.

Clayton also let them love all over his piano and guitar.  It has further convinced me that it’s time to get one for our house.

Louisiana Bayou (2 of 9) Louisiana Bayou (1 of 9)



Well, a smaller upright. We don’t have the space for one this size.

If I could adequately convey the feelings of happiness and love I have inside me right now, I would compose a novel. This has been an exhausting weekend for my body and a refreshing weekend for my spirit. It’s so easy to get lonely and lost when you’re alone a lot, and being an introvert, it’s too easy for me to hole up and forget that there’s a life passing me by outside.

There’s a balance to be found, between living life and soaking it up. It’s so good to be with people who push you and draw you out. I forget that I used to be a pretty vibrant and confident person. It’s still in there, somewhere, it’s just taking a little while to make itself known.

Thank you, my dear family, for the weekend I so desperately needed.

Now, on to the beignets!


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