Back to school and other shenanigans {photos}

I just wanted to share my favorite photos with you a little bit this morning. These photos are a glimpse into the last few weeks in our little household. We’ve went to Legoland and the aquarium with the kids, and little miss Bluebelle has started kindergarten. She’s a week in now and she loves it so much. According to her she has the best teacher ever and has no problem getting to sleep every night!

Enjoy the photo dump!

This was a picture before we went to Legoland and the Sea Life Aquarium two weeks ago. I love how happy and excited they all are!

August 2015 (2 of 8)

This was little man watching his sister sing karaoke at the “princess” part of Legoland. It was very…pink in there.
August 2015 (3 of 8)

We loved the mini Lego city of Dallas! It was so cool to see it all in a smaller scale. Of course, we had to take a picture of Bluebelle at the Ballpark because it’s one of our favorite places!

August 2015 (4 of 8)

I didn’t get a lot of photos from the aquarium, due to lighting and such. It was a really cool experience, but pretty small. I don’t know if we’d pay to go there again. Thankfully, Todd had gotten us complimentary tickets to both. The sharks and the sting rays were pretty amazing to see!

August 2015 (5 of 8) August 2015 (6 of 8)

Finally, here’s a few quick back to school photos for both Bluebelle and Dean Bean! I had the hardest time preparing for Belle to go to school, but once the day was there, it was time to send her off without a tear. I just like to bawl for the weeks beforehand! haha! We’re already in love with her school and I don’t think she could have gotten a better teacher! I signed up to be a room mom… we’ll find out if that’s “on my beam” or not!

August 2015 (7 of 8) August 2015 (8 of 8)

Today was Dean Bean’s first day of Mother’s Day Out. I’ve actually never done that before. I’ve had the kids with me all day every day since 2010… but since we’re away from family and with Todd’s schedule, we decided that 10 hours a week for me to write and do anything I need to do sans kids was a pretty good idea. I wasn’t sad about this at all — I might have squealed “Dobby is FREE!” on my way to Starbucks. Maybe. I make no promises.

Since he’s the second kid and we were running fast and frantic this morning, I snapped a quick phone pic or two. No sign… because, well, it still says Kindergarten on it. He’s already playing and having fun and he has been wearing his backpack since 7 am.

…And they won’t upload right now. You can just check my Instagram. 🙂

This is quickly becoming a beautiful season of our lives. I’m thankful for it.

Have a great Tuesday!


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