Words are hard, but they can do good.


This isn’t going to be a long post today, but I wanted to write this down while I was thinking about it.

Yesterday, I wrote my post to Bluebelle about being six. (One of the reasons why I don’t post as much anymore is because I want to get away from writing kid-centric posts. They are getting older, and I want them to be able to own their own online lives and protect their identity as they grow. Trust me, I would love to post the million photos I have of their perfect faces, but I try to do that very sparingly and often you’ll notice I’ll use a side or back profile for that reason.)

Last night I was re-reading the post as we were laying down for the evening, and I felt it was important to tell her that I wrote about her and read the post to her. Partially because I desired for her to know that I wrote about her. She’s young, but she knows what it feels like to be embarrassed or be talked about and I don’t want her to feel that if she talks to me about something I’m going to go and tell everyone. More than that, however, I wanted her to hear the words I wrote about her.

It was hard for me to read it to her, but I did.

Why was it so hard? I tell her that I love her and that she’s awesome every day, but how often do we really say the words we feel about a person? Simple words of affirmation are easy for me. They are the “thank yous” and the “I appreciate yous” we say every day. It’s the deep down, “I see this about you and I celebrate it” that is so difficult.

After I read it to her, she was silent for a moment. Then I heard, “You said that about me?,” with a smile in her little voice. “You meant that?”

“I meant every word.”

These are the moments that build a person up, and I don’t think we do it nearly enough.  I know the struggle of learning who I am in Christ yet doubting it because of what the world tells me. When the people who are close to us speak to us the deep, encouraging words we need to hear, it helps reinforce within us the truth.

I can’t make anyone speak the words to me that I want to hear, but I can speak them to others. I can make speaking deep words of affirmation more comfortable. I would like to challenge you, dear friend, to do the same today. It’s a little hard and weird at first, but it will get better. You’ll never know how much you’ll impact someone with your kindness.

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