Everything is sacred.

Could it be that everything is sacred? 

As I struggle to find my voice amidst the loads of laundry and the things that well, make my life so very ordinary, I wonder if writing about this topic again makes me sound too much like a broken record. Once again, I’m reminding myself that God sees us, hears us, and refines us in the ordinary spaces. I don’t have the gifts to make myself seem like an expert on any given subject. 

Frankly, I don’t think that’s my calling. At least in this season. 

I’m 34 years old. I carry too much weight on my hips, and I eat the foods that my metabolism stopped processing well in my twenties. I’m the finder of lost toys, the maker of dinners that go uneaten, and I pick up the same items every single day. Sometimes I think I’m the only one who can fold a towel, or load a dishwasher. 

Yet all these things are sacred. 

For the last 3 days, I’ve had the song “Sacred” by Caedmon’s Call in my head. It describes a mother going through the day to day life of raising her children. 

This house is a good mess
It’s the proof of life
No way would I trade jobs
But it don’t pay overtime
I’ll get to the laundry
I don’t know when
I’m saying a prayer tonight
Cause tomorrow it starts again
Could it be that everything is sacred?
And all this time
Everything I’ve dreamed of
Has been right before my eyes
The children are sleeping
But they’re running through my mind
The sun makes them happy
And the music makes them unwind
My cup runneth over
And I worry about the stain
Teach me to run to You
Like they run to me for every little thing
When I forget to drink from you
I can feel the banks harden
Lord, make me like a stream
To feed the garden

We all have our own race to run. All of us. What looks good to me may look terrible to you. What I see of you may make me wish so badly that I was a better version of myself. 

Could it be that everything is sacred? 

Could it be that I am exactly where I need to be, even though it feels like the least of these? 

Could you be exactly where you need to be?

Something to think about. 

Could I challenge you and me today? Take a minute to look at yourself. What are you doing that seems so ordinary that is incredibly important? Maybe it’s the fact that you show up to do a job that seems unappreciated, or maybe it’s that you feel like a taxi service. Or that your life feels like it’s one big routine. People rely on you. You’re important. Think on whatever that is, and allow the sacredness of it to sink in.

God’s specialty is bring holiness to the most unexpected of places.

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