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About Me

Hi, my name is April. So nice to meet you!

Okay, so maybe meeting you isn’t that easy. But I wish it was!

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a simple girl from a small town in Oklahoma.  When it was time for me to go to college, I picked a school I had never heard of 6 hours away from home and I went.

July 2014 (37 of 83)

I’ll admit it, it was for a boy. Before that first year was up, I was dumped. Go figure.  By then, I had fallen in love with this little East Texas place and I stayed.

While I was there, I met another boy. First, I thought he was a slacker.  Then, I kicked him out my dorm lobby. (I was an Resident Assistant and he was loud.) Next fall, we became friends.  We started dating. We had the most insane proposal story ever. I graduated college and in October 2006, we tied the knot.

July 2014 (3 of 83)

(my handsome man)

We moved to a big Texas city and lived there until we found out we had a bun in the oven… and then I found myself unemployed. We moved in with family and then the hubs got a great job in Oklahoma and we set down some red-dirt roots.

Squishy is ONE (8 of 16)

We now have two adorable kids and we are living right in the heart of where I grew up. We love simple pleasures like good food and making our kids smile. We are messy and loud and most days I love it, even though sometimes I threaten to run away (really, I just want a hour of silence and a cup of coffee. PLEASE.) Life is grand — I can’t complain!

I talk a lot.  I write in spurts.  I live for baked goods. I work out so I can eat cake.  I like vintage stuff.  I read constantly.  I know a whole lot of random trivia.  I want you to like me. I’m brutally honest but I hate to hurt anyone’s feelings.  I take way too much stock in the opinions of others.  I am about as much of an open book as anyone you will likely meet. I’m sort-of funny.  I love God passionately but I understand that things get complicated sometimes. I use way too many commas if my sentences aren’t short enough.  I live for comments. (Seriously. I told you I’m honest.)

Well, that’s a bit about me.  We’re friends now, right?