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Red Dirt Mama?

How in the world did I come up with Red Dirt Mama?

While I was pregnant, I was introduced (and overwhelmed) with the world that is called “Mommy Blogs”. There are a million names: Mommy knows best, mommy needs coffee, mommy needs vodka, fantastic mommy, I love being a mommy, etc, etc. There were so many personalities that it made my head spin. All were fine names with fine agendas… but it wasn’t me. I feel uncomfortable fully succumbing to that kind of mommy-coolness. I’m just not that cool.

Then, I started making bags.  Names were thrown around for our little “business.”  Again, I was struck with all these ways to describe myself and I found myself falling up short. All I could think was, “I’m just an Oklahoma girl.”

That’s when it hit me. I’m an Oklahoma girl.

I’m proud of that. I love driving down a long stretch of road between acres of farmland and seeing only red dirt framed by coarse grass.  I love the way the air turns sweet and smells like hay during football season. I love being able to find a quiet, two lane road only minutes from my house.  I love being able to see the sunrise and sunset.  I love the prairie.  I love Route 66. I love Will Rogers, the musical Oklahoma!, towns with names like Claremore, Checotah, Okmulgee, and Stillwater, and the fact that almost everyone has an old truck.  I love that life seems a little slower here.  I love the red dirt. (Well, until laundry day.)

I’m a red dirt girl. I’m a mama.  I’m a red dirt mama.