So, I have this friend. Her name is Cheryl. She is AWESOME.
She is an attorney, she has 2 brilliant and well-behaved kids, and she is always on the go.
What does she do for her downtime? Sew.

At my baby shower she gave me a slew of handmade bibs, burp cloths,  a baby blanket (which is my child’s favorite), and a hooded towel.  I received a TON of towels, but this one was my absolute favorite. (*FYI Mamas-to-be … those cute “tiny” towels have a really short shelf life. They also are about as thick as paper.)

It’s so fluffy!

 So, as I’m making a few things for a friend who’s expecting, I thought I would recreate my favorite towel. First, I googled for tutorials and I found one closest to the one Cheryl made.  You can find it here, but I will actually write this tutorial out.

Supplies you will need:
Bath Towel
Hand Towel
Wonder Under (optional)

 First, cut your hand towel in half.

Towel is cut and I’ve folded it under.

Then, fold under the side with the “embellishment” (I like it hidden.) Place your ribbon on your towel.
**TipsI secured it with Wonder Under (because I’m awful at trying to keep the ribbon still when I sew). I also sewed my ribbon on where the towel’s end is located.  That means my ribbon is farther back, but I don’t have a “flap” of towel on the inside. Trust me… that flap will get annoying.

Wonder Under ironed on… ready to sew!

Sew on your ribbon. After that, fold in half putting right sides together and sew along the raw (cut) edge.  Take care to serge or zig-zag the raw edge.  You don’t want unraveling. It will get annoying.

Unfold it and lay flat in a triangle shape. Pin down the point and sew along the top in a straight line (you don’t have to do this if you want the hood to be pointy. That’s cool too.)

Your hood part is finished!


Now, fold your bath towel in half.  Pin your towel 3-4 inches from the fold and sew a straight line 3-4 inches down the area you marked with a pin.

See the pin? Sew about 3-4 inches down and back.

Then open your towel and press. (I didn’t take a picture here. Oops.) Pin your hood to the bath towel (match up your lines) and sew.  I also sewed down the edge of the side of the hood to reinforce it.

… That’s IT! It seriously took about 30 minutes. Any project I can complete during a naptime is a success!

I rolled it up so it’s ready to give away!

I’m pleased!

Happy crafting! Let me know if you have any questions! Also, check out the link… she gives a few more pictures!